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The last year has seen seismic changes in our way of life. The need to work from home has, for many people, caused them to re-evaluate their home life and indeed where and how they live.

Certainly from our point of view we have seen a definite trend towards relocation whether from within Cheshire itself – often looking to move from the cities and large towns to a more rural or semi-rural location; to people from outside the area, from London and the spine cities, who are looking for a complete change in life and lifestyle.  The requirement to work from home over the last 12 months has led to a shift in thinking with a desire to prioritise quality of life.  This has been facilitated by the shift to home working as the geographical need to be within a commutable distance of the office no longer applies quite so much and people are taking advantage of this new-found freedom.

At Rickitt Partnership we have always prided ourselves on being an estate agency with the ability to market a property to both a regional and national audience.  This ability to tap into a large pool of potential purchasers, both from within and outside of the region, has never been more important.  The key to our continued success, despite the challenges that have been thrown at us all in recent times, is a firm belief in proactive marketing and a keen understanding of the market and wider social influences. 

As always, an eye for detail with exceptional photography and eye-catching property brochures is key in creating the best first impression of your property.  But then individualised sales strategies for each property come into play, to ensure that each is marketed in the best possible way.  Offering a marketing strategy which combines digital marketing through key property portals, the Rickitt Partnership website, our social media platforms and our unique Ralph’s Reviews; together with print media marketing where relevant all overarched by our ability to access local, regional and national audiences allows us to stand head and shoulders above the crowd. 

Rickitt Partnership is a member of The London Office – an in-town office for out of town agents.  In short, The London Office assumes the role of the London arm for Rickitt Partnership and, as such, it provides us with a showcase to market your property in the heart of the Capital.  From your point of view, this enables you to benefit from the best regional representation combined with the clout and reach of national and international marketing. The London Office holds full sales particulars of Rickitt Partnership properties and select properties are also featured in their quarterly property magazine Acquire. The team at The London Office has an in depth understanding of our region, including travel networks and schools so that they are able to offer detailed advice to potential viewers.

The London Office also connects us to a national network of like-minded professional estate agents with over 230 offices giving us the capacity to market properties on a national scale. The strength of a dynamic affiliated network such as this cannot be over-estimated and there is a close working partnership between ourselves and the different members.

In this ever-changing world, we believe it is more important than ever to be proactive and work as hard as we can for each and every client.  If you are looking for an agency you can rely on, who puts your needs first and who “thinks outside the box” to make sure that your house sale is achieved in the most positive way, then do please give Tim a call on 01244 322322 or email  

Ralph Reviews

Ralph reviews a detached modern family house in Tattenhall

I don’t know about you but the long summer evenings always inspire me to take up a new hobby.  In the midst of winter all I want to do is snuggle up by the fire but in summer, well something about the light evenings makes me want to explore new opportunities.  Last year it was tennis but the irresistible urge to run off with the balls had me thrown out of the local tennis club so this year I opted for a hobby with an all together different vibe.  Inspired… Read more

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