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Ralph Reviews

A city centre penthouse apartment for sale in Chester

Just call me 008…. Last week Dad and I went to watch the long-awaited new Bond movie – No Time to Die. I realised that, with my suave and sophisticated ways, I could easily reinvent myself as the quintessential canine secret agent. So, once home and inspired by the epic cinematic experience, I trotted off to my Pug-cave to begin fashioning some essential Bond-esque gadgets. The prototype for the “bonio magnet” requires some work – it hit a stumbling block when mum became alerted to a trail of afore-mentioned treats leading all the way to my basket! However, the self-flying frisbee is coming along very well…

Ralph reviews a city centre penthouse in chester

Serendipitously the subject of this week’s Ralph’s Review saw me in a city centre penthouse apartment which seemed just made for a debonair secret agent such as myself.  Apartment 31 is situated in the prestigious HQ building in the centre of Chester, overlooking the racecourse.  As I entered the lobby and nodded disarmingly at the concierge I felt a shiver of excitement – would taking the lift all the way up to the top floor give me butterflies in my tummy?  Certainly the thought of the property I was about to review already had my tummy turning somersaults…

Ralph reviews a city centre penthouse in chester front view

Opening the door to the penthouse I stepped over the threshold into an entrance hall.  It is not often that an entrance hall stops me in my tracks but with its polished wooden floor – so polished that I could see my face in it (and what an attractive face it is, though I say so myself) and the artistic curve to its design, it really is rather show-stopping in itself.


Ralph reviews a city centre penthouse in chester hallway view

Keen to explore the delights of this magnificent home, I looked around to get my bearings. I saw multiple doors beckoning me onwards but one door to the left caught my eye and I moved towards it, seemingly compelled by some invisible force.  No sooner was I inside the room then I paused, just to take in the sight before me.  I was in a spectacular open plan kitchen and living space.  Now I know I can be quite loose and free with my adjectives but spectacular really is the word – in front of me, across the entire frontage of the room were floor to ceiling double glazed windows and a set of glazed doors with views over the racecourse that are simply unrivalled.  Wow, I could just picture myself, reclining on the terrace, drink in paw, watching the winners romp home on race days. 

Ralph reviews a city centre penthouse in chester living room view

The space is sleek and contemporary, rather like my good self, and I felt thoroughly at home.  I sauntered over to the kitchen area where I admired the chic white units with contrasting dark granite worktops, thinking how utterly stylish the combination looked.  My eye for detail misses nothing and I saw with satisfaction that all of the appliances in the kitchen are Miele which is, of course, the Bond of the kitchen appliance world. 

Ralph reviews a city centre penthouse in chester kitchen view

Back in the hallway I continued with my mission and found a cloakroom and utility room before making my way to the bedrooms.  The master bedroom has drama in spodes – floor to ceiling windows together with glazed double doors onto the terrace offered me a glimpse of the life I should be leading – let’s face it, luxury living is what I was bred for…. Tearing my eyes away from the views whilst reining myself in from my daydreams, I headed into the en suite bathroom where I gazed in wonder at the TV above the bath – oh just picture the scene, luxury Jo Malone bath oils filling the air with delicious fragances whilst I lay back and watch Crufts on the TV – what a way to while away the hours….

Ralph reviews a city centre penthouse in chester bedroom no.1

Exploring the remainder of the apartment I found another two beautiful double bedrooms, one with an en suite bathroom and the other with an en suite shower room.  They were styled to perfection and I felt rather like I was in an upmarket Manhatten hotel. 

Ralph reviews a city centre penthouse in chester bedroom no.2

Ralph reviews a city centre penthouse in chester bathroom

Getting rather too much into character I tipped my dad a slightly moth-eaten, half chewed bone which I found at the bottom of my pug-bag – he looked somewhat disgruntled but accepted it nonetheless! Before (very reluctantly) leaving Apartment 31 I wanted to inspect the two terraces and oh what a treat – they have a combined area of just over 650 square feet and they both have stunning views – one over the racecourse and the other over the piazza – a charming place to watch the world go by. 

Ralph reviews a city centre penthouse in chester back view

The penthouse also has two undercover parking places and a storeroom  – the perfect place to hide away all the paraphernalia of the life of a secret agent…  Apartment 31 offers that most elusive of accommodation – luxury living together with space right in the heart of the city.  If you, like me, see yourself as Chester’s next secret agent then Apartment 31 is just the pad for you.  Please contact myself or one of my team on 01244 322322 or to arrange a viewing and I promise you will be both shaken and stirred!

Until next time

Ralph X


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