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A detached Victorian house for sale in Gresford

I spent much of last week trying to avoid the great British weather. My dad has a lot to answer for – he threatened a BBQ and so I strongly suspect that he is to blame for the monumentally terrible downpours last week!

As the rain swirled around me, I felt rather “Mansfield Park-esk” as I approached Thornton Grange in Gresford, the subject of my latest Ralph’s Review. It is a rather imposing Victorian property which would certainly allow me to live in the manner to which I would like to become accustomed. Lifting my chin with a rather regal air, I did feel terribly grand as I marched purposefully up the gravel drive to the front door.

Heading into such a stately home I made sure to wipe all four paws very thoroughly before venturing inside. The spacious hallway I stepped into is graced with a wealth of period features including a lovely Minton tiled floor, a moulded ceiling and a fabulous feature staircase.

Making my way through a doorway to the right I found myself in a rather spectacular drawing room, complete with feature coving, a beautiful fireplace and an equally impressive feature bay window with French doors which open out into the garden. On a warm summer’s day (ahem!) what a room this would be, the doors open to the garden allowing the fragrant scents from the garden to weave their way inside.

I swear I could almost smell the roses permeating the house as I proceeded to explore the rest of Thornton Grange’s ground floor. On the opposite side of the hallway I found a sitting room which I was delighted to see also had French doors opening to the garden. This opened up a new world of possibilities – with both sets of French doors open I could create my own variation on circuit training – start in the drawing room for a bit of strength training with a tug of war rope, run outside for a bit of frisbee throwing, then over to a spot of stick throwing before bounding back into the sitting room to complete the circuit with a dose of squeaky toy throwing.

My head was spinning slightly with the thought of so much activity as I continued on my explorations, with the next stop being the dining room, a very stately affair; and the garden room which is a friendly informal room perfect for cosy family nights in. Next, I made my way to the kitchen which has great potential to be modernised into a fabulous open plan room, especially since there is the opportunity to extend the room into the utility as well as two further store rooms beyond that.

Back in the hall I trotted up the stairs and subsequently stopped in amazement as I gazed up at a beautiful feature domed skylight through which sunlight was filtering in.

Continuing on my travels, the first bedroom I entered was a very good size. I particularly loved the charming sash windows and climbing up on the bed, I rested my front paws on one of the window-sills to admire the view over the garden. As a squirrel rather jauntily made his way across the lawn I let out a very deep and masterful bark – well, its always best to let them know who’s in charge!

Turning away from the window and back to the task in hand I set off to explore the rest of the upper floor of Thornton Grange and found no less than four more bedrooms, a bathroom, a separate shower-room and a laundry. This house certainly offers plenty of accommodation for a whole tribe of pups!

Back on the ground floor I also discovered a doorway with a set of stairs leading tantilisingly downwards. Following them I found myself in a cellar room which, despite the exceptionally damp weather, was exceedingly dry. This would be rather a handy place for a home gym or a cinema room. Turning my thoughts to outside, my next stop was the garden. This is a lovely space with lawns which extend from the front of the house round to the side where the garden is flanked on one side by a lovely brick wall. There are trees throughout the garden one of which has a circular bench surrounding it which I absolutely loved. Last week was certainly not a week for enjoying the garden but on a summer’s day nothing would make me happier than curling up next to my mum on that bench as she reads one of her favourite books.

As I climbed in to the car to head back to the office, I cast a wistful look over my shoulder – Thornton Grange has an old-world charm about it which made me feel like it should be someone’s forever home – a beautiful setting to bring up your pups and create a wonderful melody of memories.

Until next time

Ralph X

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