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What happens once your planning application has been received (part 2)

Once your planning application has been received by your local Council and the consultation period has passed, what happens next? Why can it take so long to reach a decision? Read on for the next in our series of blogs which try to unravel the complexities of the planning process.

Once the consultation period has finished, the case officer assigned to your application will usually make a site visit. His or her job is to assess your application against a range of criteria. They will take into account any comments that came out of the consultation process - from neighbours, the public and Parish or Neighbourhood Councils as well as any other relevant departments or agencies. They will assess your application against the adopted development plan policies and the National Planning Policy Framework as well as what are termed “material considerations” – usually anything that would affect the public interest.

Development plan policies may involve:

  • The design, scale and layout of your proposal
  • The location and context of the proposed development
  • Highway considerations
  • Provision of car parking
  • Impact on the landscape
  • Impact on the local environment and neighbouring properties
  • Impact on nearby trees

Following their assessment, the planning officer may request some amendments to the proposal. If the amendments are extensive a further consultation period may be required which might, in turn, lead to the determination period being extended beyond 8 weeks. 

Around 10% of planning decisions are referred to Committee for consideration. The meeting dates are advertised and, if your application is to be decided by Committee you should be notified by the Council. You have the right to attend as do other members of the public. Once the planning officer has outlined the proposal, there is then the opportunity for public speaking and for the applicant to respond to any findings or comments.
Check back with us soon as we will be exploring what to do once your planning decision has been made. Whether your application has been successful or rejected we talk you through the next steps.

Source – The Cheshire West and Chester Planning Guide

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