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Top tips to create a perfect bedroom that will help sell your home

When you put your house on the market you want to make it as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Research suggests that creating a luxurious, calming bedroom space can help your house sell more quickly.

Prospective buyers will be looking for a feeling of serenity and comfort from a bedroom. They are very personal spaces and, whilst buyers will be wanting to put their own mark on them, they do want to walk in and immediately feel relaxed.

To this end, it is worth making sure that your bedrooms are comfortable, stylish and calming. These are the qualities that will tick all the right boxes for viewers when they are exploring their potential new home.
Understated simplicity and a decluttered look is a must. Touches of luxury such as a sumptuous new carpet, can also prove to be the ultimate attraction for someone interested in buying your home.
We bring you some top tips for creating a bedroom to inspire buyers and have them fighting to make you an offer for your home:

  • Space

    Even if your bedroom is not especially large, create the illusion of space. One easy way to do this is to ensure that your bed does not dwarf the room. A perceived lack of space could lead to a reduction in perceived value for some buyers.

  • Storage

    The jury is often out on the pros and cons of fitted wardrobes and it is certainly true that old-fashioned styles are often the first thing to be ripped out once a house is sold but contemporary fitted wardrobes tend to be received very differently. Aesthetically they can enhance the room whilst, at the same time, offering plenty of storage.

  • Period features

    If you live in a period property, try to keep as many of the original features as possible. Victorian wrought iron bedroom fireplaces and plaster detailing such as coving are highly sought after and can increase the appeal of your home.

          A bedroom with original beams in a farmhouse style house for sale with Chester estate agency Rickitt Partnership

  • Neutral tones

    Whilst your taste may be for bold colours and dramatic print wallpaper, it helps to create a soothing environment where potential buyers can envisage themselves relaxing and unwinding. It will appeal to the broadest range of people to keep the décor neutral and you can always add in a splash or two of colour with textured fabrics instead. By toning down the colour palette in your bedroom it creates a blank canvas for prospective buyers to be able to envisage their own personal style in the room.

          A bedroom decorated in neutral hues for sale with Rickitt Partnership Chester estate agency

  • Comfort

    Wooden floors may be super stylish but there is a time and a place and, generally speaking, the bedroom is not the place! People want to climb out of bed and sink their toes into a soft, luxurious pile carpet rather than face the prospect of padding across cold, hard wooden floors first thing on a winter’s morning!

  • Home Staging 

    The small details make all the difference. Home staging your bedroom to look like a clean and stylish hotel suite will stand it in the best light to impress potential vendors. Even better, it doesn’t have to cost the earth to make a huge difference. A cute throw across the end of the bed, fresh flowers in a vase or tea lights arranged on the dressing table will create a warm and appealing space. A tasteful piece of artwork hanging above the bed will create a central focal point for viewers when they enter the room.

          A contemporary bedroom in a house for sale with Chester estate agent Rickitt Partnership

By making some simple updates to your bedroom you can make sure that your property stands out from the crowd. Happy Selling! X

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