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Ralph Reviews a semi-detached Victorian house for sale in Curzon Park

Good afternoon one and all, I hope you are well and have not missed me too much – as you have probably gathered, I decided to take a short sabbatical over the summer. You can rest assured that whilst I was reclining on a lounger in the sun-soaked garden, I was also busy blue-sky thinking the strategy for Rickitt Partnership at the same time!

I am now back in the office and feeling rather excited for the future. Getting up to speed, it appears we have had a busy summer with plenty of exchanges and completions as well as a delightful array of new properties on the books. So, without further delay, let me bring you my latest Ralph’s Review of an absolutely beautiful semi-detached Victorian house in the ever popular area of Curzon Park.
Having been caught in a rather squally shower yesterday, I decided to check the weather app on my phone and ascertained that scheduling my visit for this morning gave me the best chance of staying dry! With that in mind, I dragged dad out of the office straight after our Monday morning meeting and set off at a jaunty trot pulling him along in my wake.
Arriving in this leafy suburb of Chester I have to say that 25 Curzon Park South did not disappoint. Stepping off the pavement I found myself standing on an expansive driveway.

a semi detached Victorian house for sale in Chester with a large driveway

Unable to resist, I proceeded to circumnavigate it at speed and ascertained that it could house a number of cars – more than enough for my family and a good number of visitors. Next I turned my attention to the house and oh what an impressive sight it was, just a fabulous example of Victorian architecture and it looked very spacious too. Craning my neck I could see that it was a three storey house, the perfect home for a couple and a gaggle of scampering pups.

A three storey semi-detached house for sale in Chester with Rickitt partnership estate agents
Gosh, I haven’t done a Ralph’s Review in a little while so I was itching to get inside and explore (or was that the flea powder starting to have an effect?!) With a rather high-pitched bark of excitement and a wag of my tail, I trotted up to the front door (which is, rather confusingly, positioned at the side of the house!) and headed through the door into a small porch and then into the hallway itself. I looked around with a sigh of contentment – now this is a hallway – wooden floors, high ceilings, period coving all make for a majestic yet welcoming entrance, yes, this was a very promising start. Unable to suppress my curiosity, I popped my head round a door to the left and saw a lovely room once again full of character features including a period fireplace and a beautiful sash bay window. Next I darted across the hallway and through another door which I discovered led me into a charming sitting room.

the sitting room with period fireplace in a Victorian semi-detached house in Curzon Park, Chester
Oh what a beautiful space, I headed in to the centre of the room for a better view whilst admiring the sound of my claws clattering cheerfully on the wooden floor, which in my opinion just adds to the period charm of the room. I have to say though that the piece de resistance of the room was the stunning sash window. With wooden panelling surrounding it, it did feel very “Remains of the Day” and I half expected Anthony Hopkins to walk in at any moment. There is no doubt that It is certainly the perfect spot in which to entertain guests, I could just see them warming themselves in front of the fire on a cold winter’s evening as they lap up a bowl of Cheshire’s finest milk.
Back in the hallway I took another door and found myself in an open plan family room and kitchen. I was thoroughly charmed by the mix of the old and the new in this room – gorgeous period windows and a stone feature fireplace perfectly complemented by the contemporary tiled floor and modern units in the kitchen. I have been known to cast an eye over some of mum’s home and garden magazines as I am curled up on her lap enjoying a morning coffee so I know that it could be described as “retro chic”.

an open plan family room and kitchen in a period house for sale in Chester with Rickitt Partnership estate agency

an open plan kitchen in a Victorian family house for sale in Chester with estate agent Chester  Rickitt Partnership
I was super excited to see the upstairs of this rather exceptional pad and so it was with joyous enthusiasm that I bounded up the stairs. I found myself on a spacious, light landing and was delighted to discover a gorgeous family bathroom and two bedrooms leading off from it, both resplendent with lovely period fireplaces. There was another door off the landing and I had a rather funny feeling that it would lead to something quite special so I was literally bouncing on the spot with excitement as my dad opened the door and I promptly tore through at breakneck speed. What I discovered on the other side was no less than a suite of rooms with two bedrooms and a shower room. What a splendid surprise, there is no doubt that this would be my “pooch pad” – I would convert one of the bedrooms into a pug-friendly gym (or a TV room, depending on my mood on the day!) and it could be my oasis of calm away from the frenzy of family life.

bedroom in a Victorian house for sale in Chester with sash windows and a period fireplace
Full of thoughts of snoozes on the bed and tummy crunches in the gym, I set off at speed up to the second floor, did an about turn and darted back down the stairs and up again, feeling rather like Rocky in pug form. This really is a house that keeps on giving, the top floor is home to no less than three further bedrooms, one with an en suite shower room and another family bathroom.

the bathroom in a period Victorian house for sale in Chester, with sloping ceiling and beams
Bounding down the stairs all the way to the ground floor my next stop was the garden which was a lovely space full of shrubs and trees – absolute heaven for a pug with a keen sense of smell. There were so many exciting things to explore that I could have stayed all day. All in all, 25 Curzon Park South is a delightful family home that really does offer so much, in terms of space, charm and fabulous family living. However, all good things come to an end and much as I would have liked to move in there and then, dad insisted that we head back to the office before the rain came down and, what do you know, as soon as we walked through the door of the office, the heavens opened!

the garden at a semi detached victorian house for sale in Curzon Park, Chester
If you would like to book a viewing of this beautiful house please give me or one of my team a call on 01244 322322

Until next time
Love Ralph

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