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Ralph from Chester estate agent Rickitt Partnership reviews a bungalow for sale in Curzon Park

The thing I love about being Head of Customer Relations at Rickitt Partnership estate agents is that we have such a diverse range of properties for sale. However, you could be forgiven for a feeling of déjà vu as this week I reviewed another bungalow on ever popular Curzon Park in Chester.

With a jaunty spring in my step I left the cool enclave of the office and set off to soak up the rays on my way to 16 Greensway. I was ecstatic as I had persuaded my favourite human, my dad, to accompany me. Never one to miss an opportunity, I left the office laden with my current favourite toys – you guessed it – a football and a tennis ball. I was feeling confident that I could sneak in some playtime before we headed back to the office.

When we arrived I hopped out of the car and was ecstatic to see an expanse of grass directly in front of the bungalow. Wide-eyed with wonder I listened as my dad explained that this is a public green. With a tremor of excitement I realised that this meant anyone could play there – dad didn’t know it yet but we were definitely going to have a bit of quality downtime there!

Turning to the bungalow I saw a cute and compact home with lovely large windows which made me feel like there could be a few cosy suntraps inside where a pug could curl up for 40 winks.

a bungalow for sale with Chester estate agent Rickitt Partnership

Inside, I headed along the hall to where the main living spaces are situated. My first stop was the sitting room which has a very distinguished air, with a rather ornate fire surround and beautiful carved coving. The sunlight was flooding through the lovely large window and I pictured an armchair just in the right spot to catch the afternoon sun.

a bungalow for sale with Chester estate agent Rickitt Partnership
Next I headed into the kitchen which opens into the dining room – a nice, large space with a lot of potential to develop.

kitchen in a bungalow for sale with Chester estate agency Rickitt Partnership

I noticed that the bathroom is at the far end of the dining room. From a pug’s perspective I think that is very sensible idea – what better than pampering yourself in a fragrant bubble bath, then settling down to a succulent roast! However, not everyone thinks like me so I suspect that some people may want to reconfigure the property slightly.

a bungalow for sale with Rickitt Partnership Chester estate agents
As I padded back into the entrance hall on my way to the two bedrooms I noted that there is a handy shower room. Both bedrooms are a great size but I have to say my clear favourite was the bedroom with French windows which open to the back garden. It has long been a dream of mine to be able to lie in bed with French windows open and the curtains billowing in the breeze.

a bungalow for sale with Chester estate agency Rickitt Partnership
Before I left 16 Greensway I had a scout around the garden which is like an Aladdin’s Cave of smells with a network of hidden tunnels through the plants. I was also thrilled to find a timber summerhouse as well as a garden shed.

a bungalow for sale with Chester estate agency Rickitt Partnership

All in all I think that 16 Greensway is a great bungalow in a fantastic location which has oodles of potential. The view over the green is an added bonus and yes, before you ask, I did get some playtime there before we headed back to the office. Unable to choose between football and tennis I practiced my penalties (and although I say so myself, Gareth Southgate would have been very impressed) alternated with my return to Dad’s serve. However, I think he was confused as he told me that I really shouldn’t return the serve by tearing off with the ball in my mouth – hrrm, what does he know?! …

Until next time

Ralph X

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