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A detached cottage for sale in Handley

Well we have certainly faced some tempestuous weather over the last few days. I hope you were able to brave the recent thunderstorms with the best of British stoicism! I would love to claim the same but the wild storms of a few nights ago saw me hiding in a wooden box tucked into a safe corner of the kitchen. I figured that if we got washed away in the near tropical downpour I would be safe in my improvised “boat”!

That said, the calm after the storm has been beautiful, I love waking up the day after when the sun makes a joyous re-appearance and everything seems fresh and cleansed.  It was on one such morning that I set off on my next adventure to Handley near Tattenhall – ever diligent in my quest to bring you the very best of Cheshire homes for sale. Rest assured that this week’s offering does not disappoint, Lane End Cottage is a charming, characterful family property that is at once homely and stylish, rather like my good self!

a 5 bedroom cottage for sale in Handley with Chester estate agent Rickitt Partnership

Arriving in Handley we turned onto a gravelled drive and pulled up to the side of a detached cottage that can only be described as picture postcard perfect. A stone pathway led me to the front door and, before stepping inside I craned my neck to have a good look at the building in front of me.  What I saw was a cottage of pleasing proportions and a symmetry of design which appealed to my sense of balance.  Let’s face it everything should always be balanced – a bonio offered by the left hand must then surely be balanced by a bonio offered by the right hand….  I was especially enamoured with the upstairs windows, each of which boasts its own pitched roof as well as a decorative wooden lintel moulding which completes the chocolate box look of this charming home.

Satisfied that the exterior of Lane End Cottage ticks every box that a country cottage should, I stepped into the tiled entrance hall and onwards into a large and inviting dining hall. 

the dining room in a cottage for sale near Tattenhall with estate agent in Chester Rickitt Partnership

With a wooden floor and large wood burning stove set in an impressive stone fire surround it was easy to visualise fun family get togethers, the smell of roast chicken in the air and the cheery crackle of logs burning in the grate.  So clear was this vision that I almost wished for winter and cosy days in!  But there is time enough for winter and so, without further ado, I headed off to my right where I discovered a study complete with beautiful fitted furniture made, so my dad says, by a gentleman called Neville Johnson – it sounds like he must be a very busy man, dad says he is a leading light in fitted furniture – I hope he takes a holiday every now and then….  My next stop was a magnificent drawing room which is open to an oak-framed orangerie. 

the drawing room in a cottage for sale Tattenhall - call Rickitt Partnership for a viewing

This would be a lovely space to entertain guests in – a place where I could be the perfect host – a frivolous anecdote here, a joke there… and then a nap in front of the open fire – I am sure everyone will understand that a pug needs to recharge his batteries somehow…

Heading back into the dining hall and passing the stairs which lead up to the first floor I made my way through a door at the back of the room and found myself in another hallway which in turn leads to a cosy sitting room as well as the kitchen, utility room, cloakroom and boiler room.  Whilst I could very easily have made myself at home in the sitting room, I continued on my journey through Lane End Cottage.  I have to say that it was definitely worth the effort, the kitchen was a delight – a contemporary country kitchen which would be the perfect place for my dad to knock up his famous pulled-pork (dad’s cooking days are always my favourite as mum says he reminds her of the Swedish chef from Sesame Street – as the creative juices flow, morsels of food fly everywhere – yes you are safe in your assumption that I am never far away at such times!

wooden kitchen units and granite worktop in a cottage for sale with Chester estate agency Rickitt Partnership

With my explorations of the ground floor safely under my belt I made my way back to the dining hall and bounded up the stairs to the first floor galleried landing.  This is a feature in itself, I almost got swept away in visions of offering a regal wave to guests as they arrive, rather like soirees of old, when I could then make a grand entrance, sweeping down the stairs with an understated diamante collar around my neck….  Dragging myself back to the present day I cast one last look through the balustrades to the hall below before turning tail and trotting off to explore the no less than five bedrooms that Lane End Cottage has to offer.  Each and every one is welcoming and full of character with their cottage style windows and sloping roofs.  I especially loved the master bedroom -the fitted wardrobes would allow me to colour coordinate and organise my many collars and harnesses whilst the en suite shower room would be the perfect place to warm up after a long walk in the brisk autumn weather. 

a bedroom with 2 cottage style windows and fitted wardrobes in a house for sale in Handley

It was with great force of will that I resisted curling up for a siesta on one of the very comfy-looking beds.  Instead I set off to explore the garden, so down the stairs I went, almost tumbling over myself in my haste, and out the front door.  I discovered that the garden is the perfect mix of expanses of lawns and paved seating areas.  I also noticed a double garage which I know would be a huge tick in the box for my mum and dad.

the lawned garden at a cottage for sale - contact Rickitt Partnership for a viewing 01244 322322

As I prepared to leave Lane End Cottage I cast a glance behind me and decided that this is most probably the perfect family home – cosy and welcoming, yet spacious and stylish.  It is the type of house that any family could make their own, a home that will grow with them through the years.  If you think Lane End Cottage could be your next family home please call me or one of my team on 01244 322322 to book a viewing.

Until Next time

Ralph X

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