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Bungalow for sale in Chester with Chester estate agent Rickitt Partnership

The sun is shining, the flags are cracking and this little pug is writing this (well dictating it) from the cool and comfort of my paddling pool which is strategically positioned just outside the door of our Rickitt Partnership offices!

Earlier today, before it got too hot, I headed to Glan Aber Park to review a charming and very spacious bungalow in one of Chester’s most desirable areas. Feeling energised after my early morning high impact strength yoga class, I set off at an energetic pace and did the 1.5 mile walk in a record-breaking 1 hour 12 minutes (if you can walk it quicker just remember that I am a little vertically challenged and I am also easily distracted by interesting smells…)

Arriving at my destination I found myself outside a very attractive home. My first thought was that Woodlands Road seems like a very peaceful and nice neighbourhood to live in, whilst No 9 itself is completely charming. My dad informed me that it was built in the 1920s and, with a bright and colourful garden and attractive façade I found it very appealing.

bungalow for sale with Chester estate agency Rickitt Partnership
I could not wait to explore so I trotted up the steps which lead up to the house. Pausing to smell the fragrant flowers in the pots lining the path, I then headed to the front door. Inside I found a light, airy and contemporary home. My first stop was the dining room which is tastefully decorated in contemporary muted colours. I appreciate that I am small but, tilting my head back I noticed that the ceilings in this lovely bungalow are higher than I expected with proportions (in my expert opinion) akin to a Victorian type house. I particularly loved the coved ceiling and the detailing round the window frame – the mix of contemporary and traditional in this bungalow is just perfect.

bungalow for sale with Chester estate agent Rickitt Partnership
Next stop was the sitting room which is decorated in equally calming tones. The beautiful, large window makes it a very light room and combined with the understated décor, I found it a very serene and calming room.

bungalow for sale with Rickitt Partnership estate agent in Chester

With my toes sinking into the luxurious pile of the carpet I took 5 minutes to be truly “mindful” and get in touch with my inner pug. I have to say that of all the sitting rooms I have visited in my role at Rickitt Partnership I can honestly say that none have made me feel as peaceful as this one (and believe me I have a talent for seeking out quiet spots in which to indulge in some peace!)

Further down the hallway I found a more informal morning room which leads into a modern kitchen which in turn leads in to a conservatory.

bungalow for sale with Chester estate agents Rickitt Partnership

On a hot day like today I decided that the cool tiled floor would be the most suitable place to perfect my yoga exercises, ears gently blowing in the breeze from the open door.

I spied a door at the other end of the corridor – how exciting, for a second I imagined myself as a character in The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe, opening the door and disappearing into the land of Narnia. I do have to admit to a flicker of disappointment that I did not find myself in a snow filled world, but on the other side of the door I did find something almost as splendid – a corridor which took me to a shower room to the right and a bedroom to the left. On the other side of the bedroom another door led me into a hallway with another two bedrooms, a cloakroom and a family bathroom leading off them.

bungalow for sale with Chester estate agents Rickitt Partnership

This hallway takes me back to the main entrance hall and I realised with delight that this home has 360 access all the way round– I could get up some serious speed on a circuit around the ground floor!
Already a good-sized home, this property has even more to offer with a first floor bedroom and en suite bathroom, as well as some handy under-the-eaves storage space – for “the pug who has everything” that would come in very handy.

bungalow for sale with Rickitt Partnership estate agency in Chester

Outside 9 Woodlands Road has a lovely well-maintained garden with a nice expanse of lawn for me to play on but I think its most unique plus point is the fact that it has a really generous parking area for up to 6 or 7 vehicles. Summer BBQs with my friends from the National Pug Society would be no problem. Travelling from far afield their respective humans would all be able to easily park – perfect.

bungalow for sale with Rickitt Partnership Chester estate agent

a bungalow for sale with Rickitt Partnership estate agent in Chester
All in all, this is a bungalow that has it all – a great location, space in droves and even an upstairs!

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