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Ralph reviews a detached 4 bedroom house with retail premises

Our brief foray into Spring seems, rather disappointingly, to have dissolved back into winter in the last week or so. But fear not, your irrepressible Rickitt Partnership Roving Reporter is never so easily deterred from his quest for property perfection. Whilst hurricane-esque winds and torrential rain caused my dad to start muttering about Noah’s Ark and the preposterous nature of the British weather, I bravely donned my wellington boots and oilskin dog jacket without so much as a murmur of dissent and set off in search of the subject of my latest Ralph’s Review property.

Admittedly my expeditionary feats may not equal Scott’s resilience in the Antarctic or Columbus’ bravery in setting sail for the West Indies but it is worth noting that it is innate to a pug’s nature to be curled up by a roaring fire in such inclement weather, and I feel it is testimony to my passion for property that I so much as set paw outside the door in such conditions! 

But set paw I did, and I soon found myself in the ever popular Chester suburb of Huntington.  During my pre-review research (yes I do conduct research! I am not an amateur you know!) I learnt that Huntington or “Hunditon” has a long history that dates all the way back to the Doomsday Book put together by William the Conqueror in 1086 – wow, it is even older than my dad!  The subject of this week’s Ralph’s Review, whilst equally distinguished, does not date back quite as far as the Doomsday book.  108/110 Chester Road is an attractive four bedroomed detached house and is a relatively modern addition to the landscape of Huntington.  As I stood outside and surveyed the façade I was particularly intrigued to see that this fabulous detached building not only serves as a family home but it also plays host to a business premises with a prominent glass frontage.  Arh, I thought, this looks set to be a very interesting proposition – a home that has the potential to pay for itself AND that is my type of commute – the time it takes to eat a bonio and hey presto, you are at work!

A house and shop premises for sale in Chester with Rickitt Partnership estate agency

Before heading off to explore the residential accommodation I pressed my (rather wet) nose to the glass frontage and saw that the business premises were currently being used as a hairdressers – oh fabulous, only a few minor adjustments and I would have my very own dog grooming parlour – I have always wanted to get my paws on Peggie the Poodle’s blue rinse and give her a more uptodate look – tone down those frizzy ears and maybe opt for a funky pink tone, it would take 10 years off her….  Before my creative side was able to take the reins and commandeer every unsuspecting pooch in the neighbourhood to “post-lockdown” their locks, I made an about-turn and headed round the side of the shop to the front door of the house. 

I made my way through an entrance porch and into the entrance hall.  The door immediately opposite me led me into a light, spacious and contemporary breakfast kitchen – the perfect space for family cooking and eating. As I padded around it my eye was drawn to a set of doors which I discovered opened into a magnificent conservatory – no wonder everywhere seems so light and airy.  Double doors open from the conservatory into the garden – how extremely lovely on a warm summer’s day with the birds tweeting and the smell of freshly mown grass drifting in through the open doors – yes we can but dream of summer…!

A modern kitchen with white units in a detached house for sale in Chester

A large conservatory with white sofa in a house for sale in Huntington

Turning my head I saw another set of doors which led into the dining room and from there into the sitting room which, with glazed sliding doors into the conservatory was also flooded with an abundance of light.  Even on a rather bleak day I noted that 108/110 Chester Road was a house that embodies friendly warmth with its fresh and airy feel. 

The sitting room in a modern house for sale in Chester

The dining room in a house for sale in Huntington, Chester

Following the flow of the house I took another door out of the sitting room and found myself back in the entrance hall – how fun I tittered to myself – leaving the doors open I could do a complete circuit of the downstairs – I wonder how many I could do before I get dizzy.  Dad must have read my mind – no sooner did I crouch down into action mode, I felt a hand on my collar and I was about turned and pointed in the direction of the stairs to the first floor.  Never one to hold a grudge, I bounded up them with enthusiasm and found myself on a landing  from which no less than four good-sized bedrooms were accessed (two with built-in wardrobes – which is very handy for a pug with as many outfits as I have) and a family bathroom complete with a walk in shower and a bath. 

a bedroom in a house for sale with Rickitt partnership estate agent

Satisfied that this fabulous property delivers perfect family accomodation, I was intrigued to explore the business premises next.  The staffroom/kitchen can handily be reached through an internal door from the hallway (we are now talking a one-mouthful-of-bonio commute from home to work!).  The shop floor itself is light, airy with a fully glazed frontage for perfect visibility and profile from the road.  It is classified as Class E use which means that a wide variety of business could set up home there, although I have to say that I can already see the graphics for “ Ralph’s Rescue Remedy – banish your Pooch’s lockdown locks for good”.

a shop unit together with residential property for sale in Chester

Thoughts of becoming the next Vidal Sassoon for dogs was banished as I was unceremoniously bundled out the door and I found myself standing on the block paving driveway which, I noted, offered very handy off-road parking.  I wandered round the corner and spied a single garage before moving on to explore the garden – a delightful expanse of lawn complemented by a raised terrace – the perfect place to while away my summer evenings after a day of wowing the local canine community with my prowess with a pair of scissors and a tube of hair dye….

the lawned garden at a house for sale in Chester

With thoughts of my creative genius filling my head, dad led me back to the car, buckled me in and before I knew it we were waving goodbye to 108/110 Chester Road.  If the opportunities that 108/110 Chester Road  offer, for both your family and your business, excite you then do please give myself or one of my team a call on 01244 322322 to book a viewing.

Until Next time

Ralph X



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