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A detached house for sale in Farndon

This week has been a mixed bag hasn’t it? Torrential rain followed by glorious sunshine and then back to insipid rain again today. Luckily my latest Ralph’s review is far from dreary, in fact it’s fair to say it was a proper little ray of sunshine on an overcast day.

Buttoning up my trusty wax dog jacket and donning my pug-sized wellington boots this morning, I set off to the charming village of Farndon, entrusted with the task of reviewing a detached family house called Renvyle. An intriguing name I mused whilst sat in the car enroute. And, indeed, as the car came to a halt on a gravel driveway I did find myself rather intrigued as I gazed out at an attractive modern house which, with a half timber-clad frontage had a hint of Scandinavia about it!

A modern detached house for sale in Farndon.  Brick built with a part timber cladding
Keen to dodge the rain I bounded across the driveway and up to the front door which was rather conveniently positioned under an open porchway. I gave myself a vigorous shake, covering dad in droplets of water and politely removed my welly-boots before stepping over the threshold. I was immediately glad I had as, looking around, I could see that this was an immaculate house and there is no doubt that dad would have insisted I go round with a mop and bucket before I left if I wasn’t careful. So, with exaggerated care I crossed the wood effect flooring of the hallway and popped my head into a cosy room which would be perfect to tuck the pups away in, ostensibly to do their homework in but more realistically to watch TV or play on their games console!
Across the hallway I found a very large sitting room which offered two big ticks against my wishlist – a log burner and beautiful French windows – my perfect combination, a sitting room which offered both a winter haven and a summer sanctuary.

the sitting room in a house for sale in Frandon.  It has a cast iron log burner and French windows


Trotting over to the French doors I saw that they opened out on to a nice secluded garden – that was one to explore later, once my welly-boots were back on my paws! For now an about-turn saw me heading back to the hallway and following it round into a lovely large, open plan dining kitchen. With the light coloured modern units, granite work surfaces and no less than three skylights, this felt like a very light and contemporary space and I could see my family fitting in perfectly here – mum sitting at the kitchen island chatting with friends, dad knocking up one of his famous (or are they infamous?!) stir fries and me laying on the floor between them happily munching on a bonio!

the kitchen in a house for sale in Farndon with modern white units and black granite work surfaces

an open plan dining kitchen with skylights in the ceiling
Renvyle is a bit like the tardis, it is a deceptively large, take the kitchen for example – there is a door from the kitchen which leads to not one room but three, via an inner hallway! Off that I found a utility room, cloakroom and a study. “Gosh” I thought to myself “what a thoroughly practical family home”, there are areas which are conducive to spending time together as a family yet also plenty of areas for separate work or play time. Feeling incredibly positive about Renvyle I decided it was time to explore the upper two storeys. On the first floor I found no less than four good-sized bedrooms, one with an en suite shower room and a family bathroom. The second floor was the piece de resistance for me though – this lends itself perfectly to being the master suite, although I would have to beg to differ and say that it has “A Pug Named Ralph” written all over it! It’s a great space with sloping ceilings and a fabulous dressing area at one end. This second floor suite also has an en suite shower room and fabulous views over the local countryside just to make it even more appealing!

a bedroom with sloping ceilings, fitted wardrobes and a feature timber clad wall
Reluctantly leaving my “pug pad” I meandered downstairs back to the ground floor where I buttoned up my wax jacket yet again and slipped my paws into my (rather chilly) wellington boots before setting off to explore the garden which is found at the back of the house and is fully enclosed – mum would approve, it would mean she could concentrate on her book without worrying about me wandering off!

the enclosed garden at a house for sale in Farndon


The double garage is another element that mum would approve of – she likes to keep her car in the clean and dry! As I climbed back into the car, I cast a last look at Renvyle and decided that, yes this is indeed an intriguing property.
Until next time
Ralph X

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