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Ralph reviews a detached bungalow in Marford

I hope you have had a great week. Just wondering if you have ever considered living in a bungalow? We have 1 Ridgeway Avenue for sale and, as I had been led to believe that it has been refurbished to a very high standard, I have been itching to get my paws on it for a while now. I persuaded the powers that be (my Mum and Dad) to let me head over there to have a bit of a nosy around.

Being the Head of Customer Relations I commandeered a member of staff (my Dad) to drive me to Marford where the bungalow in question is located. When we arrived in the village we were a little early so I persuaded Dad to don his Hunter wellies and Barbour jacket and off we set for a walk. Personally I was delighted with Marford, there were a variety of enticing scents which kept me occupied for a good while and whilst I was otherwise engaged I could hear my Dad exclaiming something about the exceptional views. An area where the Cheshire Plain meets the hills of north-east Wales, there is no doubt that it offers a very attractive vista. Dad said that on a clear day you can see Chester town hall and the cathedral - wow!

Anyway, glancing down at my fitbit (by the way I had done 7690 steps!) I realised that I was due in Ridgeway Avenue shortly. Setting off with a purposeful stride, I set off with my destination in mind.

a bungalow for sale in Marford with Rickitt Partnership

Approaching the front of the house down an attractive paved pathway, I found a delightful surprise awaiting me. When the front door opened, I was welcomed by a very friendly chocolate Labrador who I learnt was called Charlie. After much tail wagging and excited barks Charlie informed me that he lives at 1 Ridgeway Avenue and he would be thrilled to show me around and tell me how he likes living there.

What an opportunity to hear straight from the dog’s mouth what the house is like. Looking around I found myself in a well-presented hall (estate agency speak!) that is deceptively spacious and has a lovely contemporary feel.

a contemporary hallway

Turning left we headed into an open plan sitting room which flows through to a dining area and then into the kitchen. In the sitting room I was struck by the light flooding in through two really good-sized windows.

sitting room in a bungalow

Charlie helpfully pointed out that they are a great vantage point from where to keep an eye on the comings and goings in the garden. He said that he can spend a good hour or two at a time watching the squirrels who are searching for acorns – what great fun I thought, better than watching my Uncle Adam in the latest episode of Hollyoaks!

Moving through from the sitting room into the dining room I again appreciated the clean, contemporary feel of the house. With lovely large floor tiles giving an almost continental look to the space, the dining room leads seamlessly into the kitchen.

open plan dining room with tiled floor

a contemporary kitchen in a bungalow for sale with Rickitt Partnership

Walking back into the hallway Charlie explained that we were now heading to his favourite rooms – the bedrooms.

a contemporary bedroom

When asked which of the three good-sized double bedrooms he preferred, he considered seriously for a few moments before answering that he likes them equally – “well” he explained “when my humans move me off one bed so that they can make it, I sleep equally as well in either of the other two beds.” – arh, a dog after my own heart. Having popped my head round the door into a very attractive, contemporary-styled bathroom and an equally stylish cloakroom, Charlie and I bounded outside to explore the garden.

a contemporary bathroom
Thrilled to have a friend to play with, Charlie and I played ball and tug of war until we collapsed in a pile panting like we had just run a marathon. Being on a corner plot, 1 Ridgeway Avenue has a good-sized garden and it certainly burned off a few of my Wainwrights biscuits!

a bungalow with a garden

Once we had caught our breath I asked Charlie about living in Marford. Explaining that it is a very friendly village he said that he thoroughly enjoys living in the bungalow which he has found to be a very comfortable place to live. He went on to explain that the neighbourhood dogs were just delightful as well and, as we all know, having great neighbours is very important.
1 Ridgeway Avenue has been the first bungalow I have visited in my official capacity and I have to say that I really liked it – everything you need and a great amount of space, all on one floor….

Until next time have a great weekend

Ralph X

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