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Ralph reviews a detached family home in Balderton

I have to confess that the changeable Autumn days and long nights always make me feel especially fond of my sleep. This week, whilst my mum has spent more time indoors, often with a hot chocolate in hand, I have taken the opportunity to snuggle up with her for an afternoon nap or two. I tried in vain to persuade her to let me try some hot chocolate (it smells delicious!) but had to settle for a Wainwright’s biscuit instead!

Rest assured that I did find some time for some exercise too – I recently discovered Joe Wicks’ home workouts, phew - I need a snooze after one of those! That said, I am pretty certain that I could market myself as the Joe Wicks of the canine world – no one can do circuit training faster than me if there is a frisbee involved!  I have also indulged in a few lovely autumnal walks, one of which took me the four miles from Chester City centre to the subject of this week’s Ralph’s Review, Four Winds in Balderton.

This beautiful five bedroom family home is a real showstopper and it being so close to the city centre only makes me covet it even more.  Upon arrival after this very pleasant and invigorating walk from Chester to Balderton, I found myself stood on a block-paving drive looking up at the attractive façade of a white painted house.

a 5 bedroom detached house for sale in Balderton

This looks promising I thought to myself as I trotted up to the front door and stepped over the threshold into a large T-shaped hallway.  Light flooded into the room from two sliding patio doors on the far side of the hall making it feel deliciously spacious and welcoming.  After such a strong start to my visit, it was with great enthusiasm that I set off to explore the rooms to the left of the hallway.  There I found a sitting room, morning room, inner hallway with stairs up to the first floor as well as the kitchen.  Each of these contemporary-styled rooms was dappled with soft Autumnal sunlight giving a truly welcoming and homely feel to the house.

the sitting room in a detached house for sale in Balderton

the kitchen with white units in a house for sale with Rickitt Partnership estate agents

Next I set off to explore the rooms situated at the opposite end of the house and, first of all, I was delighted to find a very large living room which simply abounded with character.  Large windows and patio doors added to the sense of space whilst pride of place was taken by a charming inglenook fireplace in which nestled one of my favourite things in the world – a living gas flame stove – the joy of a fire with no cleaning up, perfect!

the living room in a house for sale in Balderton

Circumnavigating this spectacular room I found myself next to the windows and noted with approval that they reached almost to the floor – how convenient for a dog of my stature – perhaps the architect had been a pug?  Resting my paws on the window ledge, I spent a delightful few minutes watching the wildlife in the garden – robins and squirrels and beetles – so many exciting critters to make friends with….

Somewhat reluctantly I turned my mind back to the task in hand and headed back into the hall.  Across the corridor I was thrilled to find three bedrooms, one with an en suite bathroom and another with an en suite shower room.  And thrilled truly is the word – many a time I have fallen asleep in front of the fire only to wake up hours later, having to rouse myself to head off to bed.  No such problem at Four Mills – a matter of steps away from the fire and I would find myself tucked up in bed, what could be more perfect than that?

a ground floor bedroom in a house for sale with Rickitt Partnership

Before taking myself outside to explore the garden I remembered that there is also a first floor to this very substantial family home.  With an exuberant spring in my step I set off to explore, literally bouncing up the stairs in my enthusiasm.  Here I found an additional two bedrooms, a bathroom and a study.  Well, this would be the perfect place to tuck away a teenage pup – they could have their own self-contained suite – bedroom, bathroom, study/playstation control centre whilst the other bedroom could be used as their own little living room – a teen pug’s idea of heaven, never having to spend time with their parents!

first floor bedroom in a house for sale in Balderton

With possibilities for the many ways in which Four Winds could work as a family home whirling round my head, I made my way, rather more ponderously, down the stairs, through the house and outside.  At the front of the house there is a lawned area and a large link detached double garage.  However, the majority of the garden is situated at the back of the house with a lovely lawned area, a paved terrace, as well as plenty of shrubs and trees for me to play hide and seek in (this is a great game – although Mum always panics when she can’t find me, it is almost as if she doesn’t know we are playing a game and she thinks I have run off and got lost, humans can be very strange sometimes…). 

the lawned garden with established fir trees  at a house for sale in Balderton

With superlative timing, my driver (dad) chose that moment to pull onto the driveway ready to deliver me back to work.  I hopped onto the back seat and gazed longingly over my shoulder at Four Winds as we drove away.  One would be hard pushed to find a more versatile, welcoming and spacious family home within such close proximity to the city centre I mused to myself.  If Four Winds has piqued your interest please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself or one of my team on 01244 322322 or tim@rickittpartnership.co.uk to book a viewing.


Until next time

Ralph X


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