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a detached house for sale in farndon

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, I enjoyed a few rather bracing walks in the Cheshire countryside. The blustery March winds certainly succeeded in blowing the cobwebs away (at times I was lucky I didn’t blow away myself!). Anyway, I started the week feeling suitably invigorated and so it was with great enthusiasm that I bounded out of the office this morning for my latest Ralph’s review of a detached family house in Farndon.

Today my colleague John accompanied me, so I made sure I was on my best behaviour whilst travelling in his immaculately kept car. I sat quietly on a rug on the back seat and barely uttered a bark! All that contained energy got the better of me when I arrived at Lightfoot Mews and so I tumbled out the car before embarking on a few joyful circuits of the driveway in front of me. I eventually came to a halt by the double garage and then made my way to the front door and stepped foot inside.

a detached house for sale in Farndon

I found myself in a spacious hallway with a tiled floor – “very practical” I thought to myself, muddy pawprints could easily be cleaned up. Exploring, I found a number of rooms leading off from the hall – a very convenient cloakroom was my first port of call, followed by the dining room. This felt like a very chic and contemporary space with stylish oak effect flooring which I admired greatly (although the down side is that there would be no creeping around under the table to collect titbits - maybe I could wear ‘pug slippers’ to disguise the sound of my claws on the floor!). Before I set off to explore the rest of the house I asked John to lift me up so I could look out the lovely bay window – yes, as I suspected, a strategically placed chair would allow me a fabulous view of the comings and goings in this quiet little enclave.

the dining room in a house for sale in Farndon
With all four paws back on the ground I set off to explore the sitting room next – what a welcoming room, the sun was flooding in through the French windows, creating a warm glow in the room and making me feel suddenly drowsy.

the sitting room in a modern house for sale in Farndon

After snatching a few Zzzs, I reluctantly left the sitting room and headed in to the kitchen. This is a lovely open plan, contemporary space with the kitchen at one end (with a utility room tucked to the side) and a cosy, sociable family living area at the other end. I pictured myself snuggled up on the sofa with my human brother, watching “Game of Thrones” (we are both enraptured with every episode) whilst still being able to keep a beady eye on Mum and Dad in the kitchen – perfect for a needy pug who feels the need to ‘herd’ all of his humans into one space!

an open plan kitchen in a house fro sale with Rickitt Partnership estate agents
Bounding up the stairs I found four good sized bedrooms, one with an en suite shower and a family bathroom.

a bedroom with en suite shower room in a house for sale in Farndon

I noted with satisfaction that the space is perfect for a growing family and I could picture it full of life with a couple of pups bounding around. Downstairs again, I headed out the back door into the garden which is south facing and a veritable suntrap – quite the spot to indulge in a bit of sunbathing.

the garden at a modern house for sale in farndon
All in all, 9 Lightfoot Mews is a great family home that will work really well for a modern family. My feeling is that this house won’t be around for long so call me on 01244 322322 to book a viewing.
Until next time
Ralph X

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