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Ralph reviews a detached house in Bickerton

This week saw me heading to the delightful area of Bickerton to review one of our latest new instructions, a four bedroom detached house. I was reliably informed that I would succumb to the charms of this lovely family home. And so it was with high expectations that I trotted out the office with my dad in tow.

It has been a warm week for early october and I spent a thoroughly perfect journey with my head out the window letting my ears flap in the breeze! As we neared our destination, we turned onto a gravel driveway and I was delighted to find a charming sandstone property nestled amongst the trees in front of me.

A cottage for sale in Bickerton

I could hardly wait for the car to stop before I was out and bounding this way and that – out in the heart of the country and so many sights and smells to distract a little pug! Reining myself in I reminded myself that I should investigate the house before exploring the garden and so I set off purposefully around to the right of the house and arrived at the front door.

A sandstone cottage for sale in Bickerton
Once through the porch, I found myself in a cosy and welcoming dining room. Immediately I was struck by the fact that this is a property with an abundance of character features. I was particularly charmed by the beamed ceiling and exposed brick fireplace in this room – I could picture myself coming in from a brisk walk through the Bickerton hills and snuggling up on my favourite blanket in front of a glowing fire.

The dining room in a detached cottage for sale in Bickerton

Meandering across the room, I then found myself in a small corridor and turning left entered the drawing room. Another thoroughly inviting room, I nodded with approval to see a further fireplace befitting of a country cottage – this one is made of sandstone and blends perfectly with the outside of the house (you see I can even think like an estate agent!). Inside this fireplace I discovered a wood burning stove. I did edge quite close in the hope that it was lit but sadly not. However, on a chilly winter’s day this will make the perfect room to cosy up in.

The living room in a country cottage for sale in Bickerton

Always observant, I noticed a set of double glass doors and promptly set off to investigate. Beyond them I found a large conservatory which has a beautiful tiled floor which would lend itself perfectly to my “adapted” version of indoor boules – this requires my mum to roll a ball across the floor (whilst engrossed in a good book), I fetch it and obligingly bring it back for another roll. Dad assures me that she does not find this annoying at all, so that’s good, although he did say that that was “irony” – silly dad, the game is called “boules” not “irony” – everyone knows that!

The conservatory in a house for sale in Bickerton
Anyway, back to the job in hand. The conservatory opens to the garden, but it also has a door into the kitchen which is everything a country cottage kitchen should be, complete with the prerequisite Aga. Oh this cottage is a pug’s dream, so many cosy places to curl up in for 40 winks…. Downstairs I also found a pantry, utility room, cloakroom and office which, would you believe it, boasts another wood burner – simply heaven! My dad claims he needs an office to work in at home although truth to tell, I think I work much harder than him. But that aside, I can picture the scene perfectly – Dad “doing research” on Netflix and me, his ever-faithful companion indulging in some blue sky thinking whilst masquerading as a pug asleep by a wood burner!

Upstairs I found a family bathroom and four totally charming bedrooms (the master bedroom has an en suite shower room). The bedrooms have attractive pitched ceilings, beams and fabulous windows positioned low to the floor – as if they were made for a pug. I found that I didn’t even need to clamber on the furniture to see out the windows and I counted not one, not two, but THREE squirrels in the garden outside. I bounded downstairs and out the house, keen to make some new bushy tailed friends. But by the time I arrived in the garden the squirrels had mysteriously disappeared – I have no idea why they left in such a hurry, after all my joyous bark was clearly one of greeting….

A bedroom in a detached cottage for sale in Bickerton


Gambolling round the garden, the squirrels were soon forgotten as I darted in and out the trees. To my delight I stumbled across a pond – “I could go fishing” I thought ecstatically, and I also found a timber summerhouse, which would undoubtedly become my “pug cave”. Next to the house I found an attractive double garage. A noticed a set of steps to the far side and set off to explore. To my utter amazement I found a lovely self-contained apartment with an open plan kitchen/living room, a bedroom and an en suite bathroom. I idly wondered whether I should commandeer it as my bolthole – a place to watch 101 Dalmatians in peace or whether my dad would like to use it as his man cave – either way it is a lovely and versatile space that will have plenty of uses.

Open plan kitchen and living room in a self contacined aprtment for sale together with a detached house in Bickerton
All in all I could not fault Ivy Cottage – with oodles of charm, space in abundance and a delightful location it ticks every one of my boxes.
Until next time
Ralph X

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