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A detached family house for sale in Bunbury Heath

Good afternoon one and all. I have had an eventful few days and thought I would update you on my antics. First and foremost, my weekend walk on Saturday was a washout, I don’t think I have ever seen that much rain! Dad was less than impressed to be dragged out the office on such a bleak day but I saw myself as the Bear Grylls of the dog world, bravely battling the elements. That said, and notwithstanding the severe dent to my street-cred, I was secretly relieved to have my pug-sized armbands on – I launched myself into one puddle and it was so deep I actually had to swim to the other side!

Anyway, today could not be more of a contrast – bright blue skies, sunshine and a crisp frost on the ground. Wrapped up nice and warm, the start of this particular working week saw me heading off to Bunbury Heath to review a detached new build house. I was very excited about this review as the house looked especially lovely from the brochure Dad showed me before we set off. Leaving the office with a spring in my step and towing dad along in my wake, we reached the car park in no time and I launched myself with enthusiasm onto the back seat and awaited my chauffeur-driven ride to Bunbury Heath. As we left the city behind us, I sat (rather regally I thought) on the seat and enjoyed the views as we drove along.
When we arrived in Bunbury Heath the car slowed and then turned onto a very attractive block paved driveway that led to an equally attractive Georgian style new build house. The first thing I noticed was the rather grand looking open porch, flanked with two stone pillars. I loved it, it made me feel like I was about to enter a rather stately country pile! I trotted up the pathway, feeling somewhat important and tapped my claws (gently and without scratching the paintwork) on the front door.

a detached new build Georgian style house for sale in Bunbury Heath


Once inside I found myself in a large and welcoming hallway. Looking around it appeared that this house would be a wonderful mix of the traditional and the contemporary – an oak spindle staircase subtly complemented by recessed ceiling spotlights. A door to the left led me into the sitting room which confirmed my opinion – the perfect complement of modern finishes combined with traditional features, like the wood burner with a reclaimed oak mantel above it. This just cried out for a small pug to be curled up on a blanket in front of it! Beyond the log burner my eye was then drawn to a set of French doors which open out to the garden. Now if the carpet wasn’t so fabulously pristine, I would love to run in and out through those doors but I really can’t imagine that mum would stand for that!

A sitting room with a log burner and french windows in a house for sale in Bunbury
With a sorrowful shake of my head, and lamenting the trials and tribulations of my life, I made an about turn and headed out of the sitting room to make my way across to the doorway on the opposite side of the hall. Here I found a great family room which would be the perfect place to park the pups in front of 101 Dalmatians or Lady and the Tramp. Next stop was the open plan kitchen. Oh, I loved this space, with the painted contemporary shaker-style kitchen units and fabulously large kitchen island. The rest of the open plan room could be used as a further family room or as a sociable dining space, the possibilities abounded. I could almost hear the sound of the chatter and barks as friends gathered in the space, the clinking of wine glasses and water bowls and, on a summer’s evening, the French doors and bifolding doors thrown open to let the breeze in from outside – absolute heaven!

the open plan kitchen in a house for sale with shaker style kitchen units
Before I got too carried away with my day-dreams I made my way back into the hall and up the stairs to the first floor. The landing was spacious and light as were each of the four bedrooms I found leading off it. This really is a spectacular family home – the bedroom that I would use as the master bedroom has a spectacular en suite bathroom that is almost the same size as the bedroom and, with a slipper bath and a state-of-the art walk through shower, you would be hard pushed to prise me out of this room – pug pampering sessions would be taken to a whole new level! Another one of the bedrooms has an en suite shower room and there is also a family bathroom, all of which are beautifully styled. Keen to see what delights were in store on the second floor, I bounded up the next set of stairs and found a great little suite of rooms with a bedroom, dressing room and shower room. This would be a fabulous guest suit or crash-pad for a teenage pup (giving a bit of independence away from the rest of the family, as well as having the added bonus of putting a bit of distance between the teenager’s music and the rest of the family!)

a bedroom in a new build house for sale in Bunbury Heath

a contemporary en suite bathroom with a walk through shower

a contemporary bathroom with a stylish modern slipper bath
Feeling somewhat over-excited by this stage I nearly tipped over my own paws on the way downstairs and almost took a tumble from top to bottom, luckily, as I am built like a svelte athlete and my skill and dexterity allowed me to remain upright! Back on the solid footing of the ground floor, I headed for the front door, keen to explore the outside space. There I found a double garage, lawned gardens at the front and a private lawned garden with a patio at the back which would be fabulous for pug circuit training (this involves frisbee throwing, frisbee throwing, oh and more frisbee throwing!)

the garden at a detached new build house for sale in Bunbury Heath
As I hopped into the car to drive back to the office, I cast a wistful eye over my shoulder at this truly gorgeous property which offers the very best of all worlds as far as I can see. If you think that The Limes could be your perfect new home, please contact one of our team on 01244 322322 to arrange a viewing.
Until next time
Love Ralph X

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