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Ralph reviews a detached house in Marford

Dear all I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. I was a very lucky pug over the festive season as Santa brought me everything I wished for. Whilst my family had a well-earned holiday I stayed with my Auntie Lucy and spent plenty of time going for long walks with her and my new found best friend, Minnie the Labrador. The three of us walked miles and miles, with Minnie and I bounding over hill and valley, exploring new sights and smells together. To be honest, I am quite besotted with Minnie and I can’t wait to see her again for our next adventure. However, this week I had to put amorous intentions to one side as it was back to work for me. The start of the year saw me heading off to Marford to review a detached family house.

As you can imagine, I was very excited when my family returned from holiday and, after our break, we have all returned to work with renewed energy and great excitement for what the year ahead will hold. Already 2018 has brought new instructions and I was super keen to explore one of them, The Old Orchard, a four bedroomed detached family house on a quiet private road in Marford.

I had missed my Dad so it was lovely to head off, just he and I, to see the house. Just between you and I, I have to confess to having a little snooze in the car on the way to Marford. (Whilst I am full of enthusiasm for the working year ahead I am still a little physically worn out by all the long walks I went on with Auntie Lucy and Minnie, I wasn’t used to quite so much exercise and fresh air! On the plus side it has started my new year’s resolution off to a flying start, I am already a much trimmer pug!!) When we arrived in Marford we headed down a nice, quiet private road and parked outside a very welcoming family home.

a detached family house for sale with Chester estate agent Rickitt Partnership

Getting out of the car, I had a good sniff around – there were some very enticing smells on the drive and the front lawn. Then, dragging myself away from a particularly interesting scent that I would have liked to explore further, I walked up to the front door. Heading through it I found myself in an exceptionally light and spacious hall.

A hall in a detached family home for sale with Cheshire estate agent Rickitt Partnership


I admired the attractive glazed door and windows which cleverly let so much light in whilst still retaining privacy. I also loved the fact that the balustrade landing creates a lovely feature in the hall as well as upstairs and allows even more light to flood into the house. What a welcoming entrance hall, this was a very promising start!

Leading off the entrance hall I found a downstairs cloakroom as well as the kitchen, dining room and drawing room. Both the drawing room and the dining room also lead into a charming sitting room. My first port of call, unsurprisingly as I am always ruled by my stomach, was the kitchen. Again, this was a very bright room, fitted out with attractive modern units.

kitchen in a detached family house for sale with estate agent Chester Rickitt Partnership

I noted with approval the wide range of storage space – perfect cupboard space to house all the treats, biscuits, pigs ears and bonios that Santa brought me!

My next stop was the dining room followed by the drawing room. Again it struck me how light this home is, with plenty of lovely large windows in every room. As you will know by now, my recurring preoccupations are food and relaxation – specifically relaxing by a warm, inviting fire. Luckily, The Old Orchard does not disappoint – in the drawing room I was delighted to find an attractive multi fuel burner in pride of place set against a part exposed brick wall.

drawing room with fire in family house for sale with Chester estate agents Rickitt Partnership

As it was a rather chilly day, the burner was lit when I visited and it created such a cosy atmosphere that I did find myself relaxing so much that I succumbed to a brief nap – well a review is not complete until you know how well you can sleep in a house!

Waking up yawning I wandered over to the end of the room and through double glass doors into the sitting room.

Sitting room in a family house for sale with estate agent Chester Rickitt Partnership

Another attractive and good-sized room, it boasts large glazed windows and double French doors opening out onto a lovely decking area which will be a perfect suntrap to catch the evening sun in the summer. I would feel like a very sophisticated pug, reclining by my Mum’s feet whilst she sipped a chilled glass of something bubbly!

decking at a family house for sale with estate agency Chester Rickitt Partnership

Coming back to the present, I headed back to the hall and trotted up the stairs full of anticipation to see what the upper floor of The Old Orchard had to offer. I found three bedrooms and a very attractive family bathroom leading off the landing and then, heading down to the far end of the landing, I found a fabulous master suite of rooms – a large bedroom together with an en-suite shower room and a dressing room.

master bedroom in a detached family house for sale with estate agent Chester Rickitt Partnership

Walking back down the landing towards the stairs I noticed that there was one door left that I had not yet investigated. Opening it I discovered my favourite space in the house – a walk-in airing cupboard. Now THIS was the perfect “pug-cave” – a super warm, cosy place where I could dream away the hours in absolute comfort and peace!

Back downstairs I ventured out into the cold for a quick exploration of the garden. I found a lovely lawn to the side of the house which is just big enough for a game of catch and an attractive brick block paved terrace at the back of the house.

Garden at a family house for sale with Cheshire estate agency Rickitt Partnership

patio area at a detached family house for sale with estate agent Cheshire Rickitt Partnership

This would be the perfect place for family barbeques and alfresco dining (always good, as I tend to find that titbits seem to find their way to ground level more easily outside than inside!).

As my Dad and I left Marford I thought to myself what a truly perfect family home The Old Orchard is. With its light and spacious feel it would be the perfect place to bring up a couple of pups…

Until next time

Ralph X

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