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Ralph reviews a detached house near Kelsall

My travels this week took me to the heart of our fine Cheshire countryside to review a fabulous detached house near Kelsall. When I looked at my diary for the week I could hardly wait to investigate Kingsgate as I have had my eye on this house since it came onto our books.

I took my Dad, Tim, with me (well I needed a driver) and I do have to say that, to his credit, he was amazingly patient– in my exuberance to reach our destination, I did succumb to an involuntary series of high-pitched, excited yelps! As we turned in through the gates I stood on the centre console between the front seats of the car to get a better look. Off to my right I saw a couple of intriguing-looking buildings. I was reliably informed that one of these is the (detached) annexe/garage/office and the other is the lodge. I made a mental note to explore these before leaving.

I then turned my attention to the main house, which was discretely nestled behind some trees. The first thing that struck me was what an incredibly interesting building it looked.

detached house for sale near Kelsall

This impression was reinforced once I headed through the front door. Off to the right I found a very good-sized drawing room but it was the room I found through the door to left which was the one that captivated me. I found myself in an exceptionally interesting split-level space. I entered the room on the upper level which hosts a very impressive dining area. Boasting a beautiful wooden floor and a jaw-dropping stained-glass window set behind the beautiful wooden staircase, it is a room designed to make a statement. With a nautical theme I can imagine that the window would not be to everyone’s taste but, should you not have a passion for the sea, I imagine you could always replace it with a stained glass image of a giant pug – now that is a vision that would be universally admired….

a statement room in a detached house for sale in Cheshire

On the lower level I found a sitting room area which boasts several large windows, making it a delightfully light and bright space.

open plan split level living room

I meandered over to the almost full-length windows and what I saw made my eyes turn to saucers – laid out in front of me was a gorgeous garden set with a backdrop of simply stunning views over the rolling Cheshire countryside.

views over the Cheshire countryside

That view alone spurred me on to take my fitness regime to the next level – how amazing to be able to effortlessly and jauntily bound up to the top of the Kelsall hills without having to stop half way up for a rest. Filled with a renewed sense of purpose I turned from the windows to see what else Kingsgate has to offer.

Next stop was the kitchen. This is a very homely room featuring a large centre island, Belfast-style sink and a traditional style range cooker. A set of French windows lead out to the garden, making it a seemless “inside outside” space.

kitchen in a detached house for sale near Kelsall

Heading back into the dining area I firstly took the staircase downstairs where I discovered a billiard room and gym area. What a great space for a gathering of pals – I envisage not so much a “man-cave” but rather a “pug-cave”….

a billiard room

After spending a few minutes idly imagining the monkey business Seb the Schnauzer and I could get up in the basement; I headed up to the first and second floors where I found five bedrooms, three of which have en suites, including the second-floor bedroom which makes it a fabulous self-contained space for your teenage pug…

second floor bedroom with en suite

The inside of Kingsgate has so much to offer but heading back outside I was reminded that there is so much more to it – the first stop was the detached pool house which further inspired my quest for fitness. I am rather partial to a quick dip although I have to confess to feeling infinitely safer when encased in a buoyancy jacket – mine proudly sports the Rickitt Partnership corporate colours of course…

indoor pool

Heading back up the drive, tucked neatly behind a hedge I discovered the garage/ annexe space as well as the timber Lodge which I have to say is a really useful self-contained area with a kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom area.

timber lodge

Dad picked me up from the Lodge and as we headed back down the drive I turned back for one last look at Kingsgate. My conclusion is that it is a property with a big personality and oodles of space, perfect for a large and extended family.

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