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For sale a detached modern house in Stretton

I hope you have stayed safe through the rather tumultuous weather we have been having of late. This week I donned my pug-sized wellies and my waterproof mac and set off to Stretton near Farndon to continue in my quest to find and review the best homes in Cheshire.

The journey passed with my chauffeur (otherwise known as dad) lamenting the endless rain clouds whilst I looked out the car window and imagined launching myself joyously into each monumental puddle that we saw! Having arrived at a development of houses, we pulled into a quiet cul-de-sac and I swiftly pushed thoughts of impromptu paddling aside as I glazed in admiration at the house in front of me. Set on a stone chipping driveway I saw a modern detached house built in a charming traditional style.

A modern detached house built in a period style for sale in Churton
I loved the sound of the crunch of the chippings under my paws as I made my way to the front door, and straight away I felt very at ease – it was not difficult to imagine coming home to this house from endless adventures in the local countryside. As it transpired, the inside of Betony Crest perfectly reflected the outside, with a look that dad tells me is a mix of classic and contemporary – quite the pad for an “up to the minute” type of a pug. The hallway is super stylish with a wooden floor that not only looks great but is super practical (easy to wash off those muddy paw prints!) and deliciously warm (yes, it benefits from my recently discovered and now very favourite thing in the whole world – underfloor heating!) Standing in the middle of the space I had a good look around, I loved the attention to every detail, especially the period style door surrounds and skirting boards – if I lived at Betony Crest I would take particular care to tone down my boisterous indoor play, or maybe a good compromise would be to use soft rubber toys inside so as not to damage the beautiful woodwork.

The hallway in a detached house for sale.  A wooden floor and central wooden staircase
Taking a door to the left I found myself in a stylish contemporary drawing room. I squealed with delight when I saw that the log burning stove was lit, bathing the room in a soft glow whilst the underfloor heating made my toes tingle with warmth. Whilst dad was chatting, I cast a surreptitious glance around to check no one was looking and I curled up in front of the log burner – just for a few moments you understand. Before I knew it, I was fast asleep, dreaming about chasing leaves in the wind (one of my favourite games!).

the living room in a modern house for sale.  Contemporary styling and with a log burning stove

Eventually and with a sigh of contentment I woke up, stretched languorously, and made my way to explore the rest of this lovely house, collecting dad on the way. On the opposite side of the hall I found a sitting room which would be my perfect little hide away when I need some “me-time”.

a contemporary styled sitting room with a wooden floor in a house for sale in Churton
My next stop was the family room cum kitchen which, simply put, has everything a busy sociable family could need. The kitchen units have a country feel whilst the gorgeous shade of grey they are painted in gives a modern twist. I thoroughly approved of the sizeable kitchen island which is large enough to accommodate my human brother and a lot of his friends (meaning more opportunities for titbit collection for me!). Continuing my explorations, I discovered that the kitchen opens into a dining area and then a family room area beyond that. Even better, I also discovered bifolding doors that open onto a patio area. Oh, visions of long hot sunny days (yes they do occasionally happen!) with the doors open to the garden and birdsong filling the house... I allowed my imagination free rein for a moment and pictured myself joyfully chasing a butterfly around the house and patio (of course I wouldn’t catch it as mum says that they are very rare these days, but I just like their vibrant colours).

a kitchen with grey painted shaker style units in a house for sale in Churton

the family room area of an open plan kitchen with a tiled floor
Bringing myself firmly back to the present and keenly aware of the howling wind I was very glad that the doors were firmly closed and the underfloor heating was on, making the space cosy and toasty warm. Heading back into the hallway I bounded up the stairs and then, realising I may have been a touch over-enthusiastic, I stopped for a little rest on the landing before making my way around the upstairs. The first thing I noticed as I was sat on the landing was that I had a very pleasantly warm bottom – yes! To my absolute delight this fabulous house has underfloor heating upstairs too. Does perfection get any better than this?! Apparently so because, as I made my way around the upper floor of Betony Crest I found four beautifully styled bedrooms – one with an en suite bathroom and dressing room and another two with en suite showers as well as the family bathroom. This house is simply made for a family with teenage pups (you know, when they’re at that age when they suddenly spend more time in the bathroom than sleeping – and that is saying something!)

a bedroom in a detached house for sale in Churton with Chester estate agents Rickitt Partnership

a contemporary bathroom with stone coloured tiles and white sanitary wear in a house for sale in Churton

It was with great reluctance that I left Betony Crest. It really is a contemporary family home that has it all – space configured perfectly for a modern family and every single space styled so exquisitely that all you would need to do is decide where to put your furniture. Before we left, I had a quick run around the garden (it was exceptionally windy and despite my “well-loved” physique, I was rather concerned that I may blow away like a pug-shaped balloon!). I found a good-sized lawned garden that is surrounded by hedging and screen fencing making it secure and private. I also discovered a double garage which cemented Betony Crest’s place in my heart as the perfect family home.
If I have piqued your interest in this stunning property, we are holding an Open Day at Betony Crest on Saturday 29 February between 12 and 1pm. Please call one of my team on 01244 322322 to secure your place.
Until next time
Love Ralph X

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