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three bedroom semi detached house in Holt is reviewed by Ralph

After a fun-filled weekend with plenty of walks and family time, I headed into the office on Monday morning feeling revitalised and ready for the week ahead. This was a good job because no sooner had I arrived than I was informed by my secretary (AKA my dad) that I had time for a quick bowl of Wainwright’s biscuits and then I needed to leave the office. My first job of the week was to head to the charming village of Holt where I was scheduled to review a semi-detached three bedroom house.

Without so much as unclipping my harness (a very fetching multi-coloured one was my outfit of choice on this rather dull Monday morning), I wolfed down my biscuits and set off on my merry way. On my way back to the car I greeted my adoring public with what can only be described as a rather regal wag of my tail. With my dad in tow as chauffeur, I headed out of the city and through the picturesque villages of Alford and Farndon before arriving at my destination in Holt. At Rose Cottage we turned in between some brick gate posts and parked on an attractive brick paved drive. The double-fronted period cottage I saw in front of me absolutely delighted me.

A period semi-detached house for sale in Holt with Rickitt Partnership estate agents

Consumed with enthusiasm, I bounded up to the front door and in to the entrance hall. On my right I found the dining room which is exquisitely decorated and has period features in droves including a stone fire surround and a stunning parquet floor. Polished to a high sheen, I glided gracefully across the floor, so gracefully in fact that it led me to think that I may have missed my vocation as the world’s first ice-skating pug!

The dining room in a semi-detached house for sale in Holt with Chester estate agent Rickitt Partnership
On the opposite side of the entrance hall I ventured in to the sitting room. This is another charming room, also with a parquet floor and my eye was also drawn to the log burner which is set in to the fireplace.

The sitting room in a semi-detached house for sale in Holt

I had noticed that both the dining room and the sitting room have doors at their far ends. Being of an inquisitive nature I set out to explore and found that both of them lead into a small passageway which, in turn, leads to the kitchen. I fell in love with this room, it is open into a garden room which I could definitely see as an informal family room – a place to all gather together and watch our favourite movies. The kitchen itself is stylish, warm and welcoming, completely in tune with a country cottage feel.

The kitchen in a semi-detached period house for sale in Holt

The garden room in a semi-detached house for sale in Holt with Chester estate agency Rickitt Partnership

My explorations also led me to a really good-sized utility room and shower room. How perfect after a romp through the nearby countryside to come straight in to the kitchen and head to Ralph’s personal shower to clean up. Even better is the fact that I know that mum would be waiting with a fluffy towel and the hair-drier for when I got out.

Making my way back to the hall I leapt up the stairs to the first floor. There I found three lovely bedrooms and, just like downstairs, they are full of character. I simply adored the sash windows which I found in all of the bedrooms and which gave the rooms such a welcoming feel.

A bedroom in a semi-detached house for sale with Chester estate agency Rickitt Partnership

The bathroom further delighted me as I found one of my most favourite things in the world – a corner bath. To me it is so much more than a simple bath, to me it is a paddling pool, giving me just the right amount of space to paddle round and round in circles. Add in a healthy dose of bubble bath and you have a recipe for hours of fun. On my way back downstairs I noticed another door off the landing and popped my head round to have a look. To my immense delight I found a Ralph sized bedroom that was deliciously warm. As well as some shelves, this pug-sized room houses the boiler. My dad told me that this was an airing cupboard but all I know is that it’s warm , it’s cosy and it has my name written all over it!

Back downstairs I set off to investigate the garden and found a lovely space with a terrace off the garden room, a good sized lawn and a raised decking platform at the far end of the garden. Now this could have been made for me – a perfect launch pad, there I would wait in eager anticipation for a family member to throw my frisbee. Then I could launch myself off the platform to catch it, ears flapping in mid-flight, I would be undoubtedly be a majestic sight.

The garden and terrace at a semi-detached house for sale with Rickitt Partnership Chester estate agents

The garden at a semi detached period house for sale in Holt
Rose Cottage is a lovely house that would be perfect for anyone who would like a home full of character and charm. Whoever buys this property will be a very lucky homeowner indeed!
Until next time

Ralph X

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