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Ralph reviews a townhouse for sale in Chester

Good Afternoon one and all, Ralph here. Last week my intrepid explorations took me to a gorgeous country house, Lower Hall, but this week I thought I would stay closer to home. I say “home” but really I mean the office - I work so hard that I may as well live in the office, oh well, a pug’s work is never done….. Anyway, I digress, this week’s Review of the Week is a stylish townhouse conveniently located on King Street within Chester’s city walls.

So with a spring in my step I set off from the office and within 20 minutes – well there were a number of distracting smells and people to say hello to along the way – I arrived at No 38 King Street. I am assured that a human, who may possibly be less easily distracted than me, would be able to reach King Street in a little over 5 minutes from the heart of the city centre.

Before I so much as reached the house, I was instantly captivated by King Street itself, it is reminiscent of a bygone era right down to the cobbles on the street – an era when dogs did not have to work for a living, when we could recline in splendid idleness being fed scrumptious titbits from a silver platter… And then I saw the house, I had to really strain to see right to the top of it as it is a lovely tall Victorian building and, let’s face it, I am a little vertically challenged! It is a very imposing building and I could just imagine my friends from the dog agility club being suitably impressed.

a 3 storey Victorian townhouse in Chester

Once inside the house I realised that as well as the main living accommodation, there is actually a lovely self-contained one bedroomed apartment on the ground floor – perfect for my favourite Great-Aunt Peggy the Pug who finds the stairs a bit of a struggle these days. Being very agile myself, I trotted up the stairs to the first floor where the main accommodation can be found. Turning right I found myself in a very elegant drawing room with the focal point being an impressive open fireplace. It is a room that lends itself to sophisticated soirees and intelligent conversation – I can picture myself and my “about town” friends, Conrad the Chihuahua and Penelope the Pomeranian, reclining on a sofa discussing the state of dog walking in the UK these days.

an elegant Victorian townhouse drawing room

Heading into the kitchen and dining area I was delighted to spot a lovely decked terrace area through a set of French doors to the back of the room.

open plan kitchen with French doors onto terrace

Making a beeline for outside I discovered that the terrace is a real sun trap and I have to confess to curling up for a sneaky 40 winks in the sunshine.

a decked urban terrace area

Waking up with a rather languorous stretch and a yawn I realised that another room also opens onto the terrace - a refreshing, light and airy sitting room with a beautiful parquet floor. The floor is in great condition although luckily not too slippy – this is a very important point because, as any self-respecting pug knows, all greeting of visitors must be done at haste and with great enthusiasm and if such a greeting takes place on a wooden floor one can face the possibility of an embarrassing tumble as 4 legs move in different directions!

sitting room with parquet floor and French windows

Anyway, having navigated the parquet floor successfully and without incident, I headed up to the second floor which I was pleased to discover was very spacious with no less than 4 bedrooms and a shower room. The master bedroom also has a stylish en suite bathroom and benefits from a beautiful period bay window – I discovered that this was a fantastic vantage point from which to observe the neighbourhood cats and other rivals for human affection.

bedroom with large bay window

Satisfied that this exquisite house really is every bit the chic townhouse from top to toe, I headed back to the ground floor to explore the final part of the property that I had yet to discover – the cellar which houses a “safe” room – personally I would make sure there was a good supply of doggie treats and squeaky toys in there.

Leaving 38 King Street I felt quite the “pug about town” and I headed back to the office with a jaunty step and another successful mission under my harness….

I hope you enjoyed my visit to King Street and always remember that we would love to see you in our office on Bridge Street any time where you are guaranteed a warm welcome from pug and humans alike!

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