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Ralph reviews a development property for sale in Stapleford

With my batteries suitably recharged after my week of lazing in the sun, long walks and excessive numbers of bonios, I was keen as punch to head into the beautiful countryside of Stapleford to explore my next property, Long Acre.

As it is clearly too far for a small pug to walk from our office in Chester to Stapleford I allowed one of my human colleagues to drive me there and I do have to say that the journey was a pleasure, with my head out the window and tongue lolling I truly enjoyed travelling through the picturesque scenery in the area. Upon my arrival, I was met with an impressive sight - a sprawling property with a number of outbuildings.

detached house with outbuildings in Stapleford

I will come to the outbuildings later but already my mind was racing with possibilities for business sidelines – dog agility lessons, puppy socialising classes, even doggy holiday accommodation…., so much space, so many possibilities….

Trotting up to the main door of the house I did have a real sense of how large it is and the possibilities it offers. The hallway leads to two accommodation areas – two kitchens and three reception rooms are all to be found downstairs.

the sitting room in detached house for sale near Tarvin

Yes, I did say two kitchens - this house was clearly designed by a dog, the perfect ploy - plead hunger in one kitchen and get fed by an obliging human and then trot off to the second kitchen, plead hunger and get fed by another obliging human – perfect!

The kitchen at Long Acre for sale in Stapleford

Upstairs I found five bedrooms and two bathrooms and I do have to confess to getting slightly lost, it is such a fabulously large house and one with oodles of potential. Talking of potential, my next port of call was to explore the outside of this exciting property. Once outside the main door I headed at speed across a yard area towards a number of outbuildings, they just looked too intriguing not to explore. The first was the garage and behind that I found a fantastic building which I thought would be great fun to play hide and seek in. My human colleague said it would be a fantastic idea to convert it into an annexe for grandparents or teenage kids (subject to planning permission of course).

An outbuilding with potential for conversion

Personally I think it would be wasted as that and it should be developed as a “pug entertainment centre” – a concept soon to be patented by me – an area devoted to all things pug – cosy dog beds strategically placed in sun-traps, a games room with every conceivable dog toy possible and an automatic ball launcher – I pictured the glass frontage of the building being opened up to get the full effect of the ball launcher – imagine playing games of fetch to my heart’s content with no one to tell me “we have to stop now because my arm is tired"!

Following my dreams of doggie play-day heaven my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw what else this amazing property has to offer – I stared up at a huge detached hanger and wide-eyed I headed inside. What I found was nearly 4000 sq feet of spectacular space.

workshop for sale with detached house in Stapleford


huge worshop space available for sale together with detached house in Cheshire

Now this is where my business head went into over-drive. Imagine dog agility and obedience lessons – inside. The space in the hanger is so extensive that it would easily fit an agility course in there. Just imagine, whatever the weather pooches and their humans could stay dry and be in the light whilst at their lessons– I was so excited by the idea, the business plan was formed in a second and I almost bought the property on the spot!

I headed back outside with my head spinning with possibilities and found to my amazement that this property has even more to offer. On the far side of the house I found a lovely garden encircled by trees which offered the tantalising promise of hours of entertainment exploring new sights and smells.

the garden at Long Acre detached house for sale Cheshire

Across the lane from the house there is also a two acre paddock – it seems I would not even have to travel off my land to partake in a full exercise regime. A few laps around two acres and I would soon be shedding the extra pounds I have accumulated over the course of my week off work.

As I headed back to the office I thought back to the property I had just seen, it really is so unique and offers possibilities in droves. The range of opportunities made me feel quite exhausted so with a hefty sigh I settled down to a quick sleep on the back seat whilst my human colleague drove me back to Rickitt partnership HQ.

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