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Ralph reviews a detached family house for sale in Chester

Well, it’s that time of the week when I head off to explore the delights of another fabulous Cheshire property. Once again, I am staying within the boundaries of our county’s capital city, as I tour a lovely detached family house in Chester.

Whilst on occasion I have been accused of being a fair-weather pug, preferring to snuggle back under the duvet rather than brave the torrid UK weather, this week the storm clouds have stayed away and so en route to my latest property “through the keyhole” I had a jolly nice time enjoying the fresh air.  My travels took me to Carrick Road in the highly desirable area of Curzon Park.  It took about 20 minutes to walk from the city centre – although I have to admit I was moving at rather a brisk trot all the way – it was such a lovely walk with plenty to see along the way that I enjoyed it greatly and did find myself planning any number of variation of dog walking routes (I suppose if you were a human you may find these routes to be equally attractive for jogging or cycling if you were that way inclined).

Detached Family Home

Upon reaching my destination the white-painted family home that I had come to see was so appealing that I simply could not wait to explore it.  I hurried to the front door, gravel crunching under my paws in my haste to head inside. 

Detached family home with gravel driveway

The interior definitely did not disappoint and I found myself in a good-sized hall – first impressions last a lifetime and if a house can be welcoming then this one truly is.  I headed through the first door to my right and found myself in a wonderfully large sitting room – so large in fact that the thought crossed my mind that I could actually play fetch in there and get up to quite a good top speed!  At one end of the room glazed doors open into the dining room, making the sitting room feel exceptionally light and airy and, much more importantly, adding additional vital feet of ball-fetching space – although the dining room does have a lovely wooden floor so I would have to be mindful of sliding and crashing into the far wall when at my top “ball-fetching” speed (I do hold the local record for the “Fastest Ball Catching Pug” you know). 

large sitting room in family house

Once in the dining room I discovered a wonderful surprise, double French doors which open straight into the garden

wooden florring in a dining room with French doors

Suddenly a whole new world of game playing possibilities opened up to me.  I envisaged fetching my favourite ball back to an obliging human with whom I can trade a morsel of food for a slobber-covered toy – a trade that I am sure any human would see as wholly acceptable.  Well I am salivating at the thought – what a perfectly appointed room, surely this was designed by a pug.

Open Plan Living

37 Carrick Road really is a wonderfully laid out house, with lovely open plan spaces.  The dining room opens into a fabulous light and contemporary kitchen with a beautiful centre island. 

contemporary kitchen with centre island

Once again I saw titbit opportunities abound, there I would be, casually positioned under the island, waiting to hoover up any morsels of food that may be dropped  - after all I would be providing an invaluable service, no need for floor mopping when a pug is around!  There is even more to the ground floor of this house with a convenient downstairs cloakroom and a very good-sized snug which would be a perfect space for the little pugs to play.

a good-sized family room

Heading upstairs I found four light and good-sized bedrooms, two with en suite facilities as well as a family bathroom.  Even more pleasing was the second storey room I discovered.  Currently used as a home gym/study it is a great space although a number of less arduous uses came to my mind.  Top of the list, it would make a great place for a pug to catch a few Zzzzs far away from the demands of the pups downstairs.

attic room home gym

The inside of 37 Carrick Road confirmed the first impression that it would be a perfect family home and all that remained was to investigate the outside space.  Oh yes! A wonderful lawned garden which is so easy to picture with goal posts at either end and me happily hurtling towards them with my ball ready to score!  A lovely patio area completes the garden - perfect for a quick rest between matches and there is also a garage which, although rather small to house a car, is a perfect and useful area for storage.

All in all 37 Carrick Road ticks every box for a couple and their pups looking for a superb family home in a great location.  I think I’ll have to start the search for “Mrs. Ralph”….. just so I have an excuse to buy this house.

I hope you enjoyed my property meanderings this week and that I have helped inspire your house hunting.  I am having a well-earned rest next week but will be back the following week with another property review.

Ralph X

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