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Tim spent the week filming with the team of Channel 4’s Coast V Country

As a thwarted thesbian, Rickitt Partnership’s inimitable Tim was delighted to be invited to film with Channel 4’s Coast V Country property programme. He has spent the week filming in a variety of properties across Cheshire and North Wales.

Coast V Country is one of our favourite property shows here at RP. We love the banter and friendly rivalry between Team Country and Team Coast so we are all thrilled that Tim is part of the 2018 series. Tim thoroughly enjoyed his role as property expert and advisor to interior designer and friend, Kerrie Griffin-Rogers who is looking for a new property to call home.

Kerrie’s brief to the Coast V Country team was for a private detached property which would not only be a fabulous home for her and her daughter to live in over the coming years but would also make good investment sense. Her maximum budget was £600,000 for a “ready to move in” property but, ideally, she was looking for a bit of a project so that she could put her interior design skills to good use and put her own mark on it.

The Coast V Country team did not disappoint and showed Kerrie and Tim an eclectic mix of modern and period properties in both coastal and rural settings. Each day’s filming started at 8 in the morning and finished about 7 at night and so they were rather long days. Luckily Tim is an energetic sort and found the whole process of creating a TV programme very interesting. I asked him what the highlights of the week were.

“The whole experience was fascinating – the work that goes into just one scene is incredible. Each one takes about an hour to film, with normal, close-up, wide and extra wide shots required. It was also interesting to see all that goes on behind the scenes whilst director, Lizzie, kept everything on track! Although we all found it amusing that Lizzie kept reminding us to switch our phones off during filming and guess who’s phone rang during a take?.... yes, Lizzie’s! Her forfeit was to buy drinks for us all that night.”

Tim went on to explain that the fabulous team on the programme were what made the filming so fun.

“everyone from cameramen to sound engineers all the way through to the presenters, Kerr and Kirsty, were lovely and very down-to-earth”

Both the presenters have robust house-hunting credentials with Kirsty Duffy being a former estate agent as well as a property developer, whilst Kerr Drummond is an award winning interior designer. Kirsty grew up in the Yorkshire countryside and loves the peace and tranquillity that a rural location offers whilst Scottish-born Kerr enjoys the dramatic landscapes of Britain’s coastal towns and villages. No prizes for guessing who is the champion for Coast and who waves the flag for Country!

filming for Channel 4's Coast V Country

The crew at Coast V Country TV programme

On location with the crew of Channel 4's Coast V Country

Kerrie aimed to make a property decision based on her head rather than her heart, we will have to wait until September when the episode is aired to see whether she managed this. Coast or Country? We can hardly wait to find out and Tim is not telling!

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