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Ralph Reviews

Ralph reviews a detached dormer bungalow in Penyffordd

Over the last few weeks, with Spring threatening to burst onto the scene, I decided that I needed to get my beach-bod in shape.  So I have been hitting the gym pug-style – namely with all the energy I could muster and completely without restraint.  As a result my rather unconditioned winter body has had a little shock to the system and, as a result, I am feeling a little delicate.  So, when the subject of this week’s Ralph’s Review came up and I learnt that I was to visit a bungalow I was ecstatic – no stairs!! That particular source of joy was short-lived, however, as Dad quickly interjected to remind me that Hope Hey is a dormer bungalow.

Despite the knowledge that I would need to climb stairs, my enthusiasm remained undiminished.  Indeed, my sources reliably informed me that Hope Hey is situated in a stunning location near Penyffordd. As I live in Wales (just) I feel a natural kinship with all things Welsh and so I could not wait to visit.  Tuesday dawned bright and sunny and, after morning coffees, dad and I set off to visit Hope Hey. Once we arrived in Penyffordd we turned the car onto a gravelled drive and glided to a halt in front of a charming cream painted bungalow. 

a bungalow for sale in Penyffordd

As I stepped down from the car and looked around, I was struck by the impeccably kept grounds and gardens – dad informed me that the house sits within approximately 2.65 acres.  I really couldn’t wait to explore the outside space later but first things first – the bungalow.  I crunched my way over the driveway and stepped over the threshold into the entrance hall.  A door to my right enticed me onwards and I found myself in a homely, light and welcoming sitting room. 

sitting room in a bungalow for sale with Rickitt Partnership estate agent

From there I took a door which led me straight into the kitchen (how convenient for collecting snacks mid-movie!) and I was also really pleased to spot a handy utility room – always useful for cleaning muddy paws after a fun-filled walk. I headed back to the hallway and have to confess to feeling somewhat giddy with excitement.  There were a number of further doors to open and I felt rather like I do at Christmas time when I am opening my advent calendar – so many exciting doors with undoubtedly wonderful surprises behind each one.  I darted backwards and forwards between them in my enthusiasm before finally picking one to open.  Beyond it I found another light and airy room – this time a dining room which looked like the perfect space for family gatherings. 

kitchen in a bungalow for sale in Penyffordd

dining room in a bungalow for sale with Rickitt partnership estate agency

The further three doors led me into a bathroom and two bedrooms (oh bliss, a little lie down without needing to climb the stairs!). 

bedroom in a bungalow for sale in penyffordd

After a cheeky forty winks in a little patch of sunshine, I was revitalised enough to navigate the stairs and up I pottered (slowly) to the first floor of this lovely dormer bungalow.  As I stepped up onto the landing I was instantly struck by the serenity of this upper floor – it seemed to be the perfect place to offer some peace and calm away from family life should you need it.  As I explored, I found another two charming and characterful bedrooms and a bathroom. 

bedroom in a bungalow for sale in Penyffordd

ground floor bedroom in a bungalow for sale with Chester estate agency Rickitt Partnership

I have to confess to fancying the idea of turning one of the bedrooms into a study/pug-pad and having my own little slice of heaven up in the rafters of the property. As beautiful as the bungalow is I was super keen to explore the outside space that had so beguiled me when we arrived and so I set off with a wag of my tail to do just that. 

I found immaculately kept gardens to the front and one side of the bungalow whilst on the other side I found a stunning paved patio which overlooks one of the paddocks – I could just imagine one of my horse-loving friends having breakfast on the patio looking out on her horses grazing, I think she would be hard-pushed to motivate herself to leave and go to work!  Speaking of paddocks I took a turn (rather slowly due to my aching muscles) around the two paddocks and smaller turnout paddock before turning my paw to inspecting the detached double garage, hay shed and block of four loose boxes plus tack room.  Needless to say, everywhere was absolutely perfectly well-kept and it struck me that this delightful property is one that you could simply move into without needing to do anything to it.   

the garden at a bugalow for sale at Penyffordd

patio overlooking paddocks at a bungalow for sale with Rickitt Partnreship estate agency

paddock at a bungalow for sale with Chester estate agency Rickitt Partnership

stable block at a bungalow for sale near Penyffordd

As I reluctantly climbed aboard the car to return to the office, I cast a final glance around and decided that Hope Hey really is a small slice of heaven right here on earth and whoever chooses to live here next will be very lucky indeed.  If you think that Hope Hey could be your very own dream home please do not hesitate to contact myself or one of my team on 01244 322322 or to arrange a viewing. 

Until next time

Love Ralph X


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