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Ralph reviews a detached dormer bungalow in Penyffordd

Spring days are a delight to me, I love to wake up to the sun streaming through the window (well we can but hope!), it fills me with endless energy, and I find that I am even more eager than usual to start the day and discover the adventures that lie ahead.  As you have probably guessed, I am especially fond of my “Ralph’s Review” days – I simply love exploring some of the wonderful properties we have on our books.

This week was definitely a winner – after the recent endless rain (certain days have required me to don an inflatable and float to the office!), the weather was kind enough to dry up in time for my trip to the village of Penyffordd.  Dad and I left the waterproofs behind with a sigh of relief before hopping in the car, buckling up and heading on our way.  Once in the village of Penyffordd, we turned down a shared private road before taking a further turn onto the driveway to Hope Hey.  As the car ground to a halt, I gazed around me taking in the sight of an attractive dormer bungalow in front of me with a beautiful garden to the side.  Adjusting my gaze I also took in the wider vista of the stunning countryside surrounding the property.

a detached dormer bungalow for sale in Penyffordd 

From the outside Hope Hey looked immaculate and I could not wait to see inside.  I leapt down from the car and trotted over to the front door which I pushed open with my nose to reveal an attractive entrance hall.  With an excited inhalation of breath, I took a door to my right and found myself in a light and spacious sitting room, complete with a very appealing exposed brick fireplace and log burner – just the ticket for cosy movie nights.

sitting room in a dormer bungalow for sale in Penyffordd

Just then I caught the scent of a rather delectable aroma coming from the next room and off I pottered in ever hopeful pursuit of a sausage!  I found myself in a contemporary kitchen where I hopped up onto a stool at the breakfast bar and was rewarded with a slice of that “oh so tempting” sausage!  Beyond the kitchen I found a very handy utility room – the perfect place for cleaning muddy paws after a walk – I could almost hear mum commenting on that and I nodded in reluctant agreement (having my paws washed is never my favourite activity – but it does save me having to walk around the house with a mop attached to my tail, cleaning the floors!)

modern kitchen in a dormer bungalow for sale in Penyffordd

With a wry smile, I made my way back to the hallway to investigate the rest of the ground floor.  Firstly, I popped my head round the door of a charming dining room before discovering two good sized bedrooms and a bathroom.

dining room in a dormer bungalow for sale in Penyffordd

bedroom in a dormer bungalow for sale in penyffordd

bathroom in a detached dormer bungalow for sale in Penyffordd

As Hope Hey is a dormer bungalow, I found a set of stairs and trotted enthusiastically up them to see what the first floor had to offer.  I was delighted to find a further two bedrooms and a bathroom – slightly away from the heart of the home, this could be the perfect place for a couple of teenage pups.

upper storey bedroom in dormer bungalow for sale in Penyffordd

When I had arrived at Hope Hey, the grounds had looked impeccable so I could not wait to explore them.  I had yet to go for a walk that day, so I was full of energy and had an overwhelming urge to chase my tennis ball which I duly picked up and set off, ever hopeful!  Hope Hey is situated in around 2.65 acres, consisting of a beautiful lawned garden with a terrace at the side of the house, further lawned garden at the front and a large terrace at the back which overlooks one of the paddocks – this was a lovely spot where I could just imagine a horse-loving human sunbathing on a warm day, whilst keeping a watchful eye on their precious horses!  Hope Hey has two paddocks and one additional smaller turnout paddock. I can confirm, having circumnavigated them, that they offer a thoroughly pleasant dog walk with plenty of interesting scents to keep your pooch engaged!


garden and grounds at a dormer bungalow for sale in Penyffordd

My final stop was the stable yard, where I arrived holding my tennis ball like a prized jewel.  Having jauntily surveyed the four loose boxes, tack room, hay store and double garage, I turned to dad with my best imploring look.  I knew he couldn’t resist and so ensued a joyful ten minutes of tennis ball throwing on the stable yard – I could get up quite a bit of speed on the flat surface and found myself quite out of puff at the end of it!

stable yard at dormer bungalow for sale in Penyffordd

Following this burst of activity, I climbed back into the car, secretly quite glad to be able to catch my breath!  I cast a last look at Hope Hey – this is a truly wonderful family home which, whilst being close to local amenities, is situated in a secluded and serene location.  A family who value the outdoor life, especially gardening and equestrian pursuits would be the perfect new owners of this very special property. 

If you think that Hope Hey could be the ideal new home for you, please do not hesitate to contact myself or one of my team on 01244 322322 or to arrange a viewing.

Until next time

Love Ralph X



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