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Ralph Reviews

Ralph reviews a detached Edwardian house near Malpas

I have been feeling rather patriotic this week, our new King has just been crowned (what a spectacle it was) and I have been getting as excited as, well as an excitable pug! Last week mum let me loose on the kitchen with the task of baking some red, white and blue cupcakes for the big day.  Unfortunately I found it essential to sample them, simply to taste-test you understand, and strangely there appeared to be none left for the big day!

I decided that red, white and blue would be my theme for the week and so my wardrobe has been ransacked to find every patriotic stitch of clothing I possess.  I have to confess to feeling indescribably pleased when I found a union jack pug T-shirt hidden underneath a mountain of different coloured harnesses.  The washing machine has been working hard to make sure that I can wear it every day without offending our clients with a pungent scent of Eau de Pug!

Whilst my excitement levels were building to a crescendo in anticipation of last Saturday’s historic event, I am pleased to say that they were raised even higher when I learnt that the subject of this week’s Ralph’s Review was to be an Edwardian house located in Edge near Malpas. As dad and I meandered along the Cheshire lanes, I pictured Remains of the Day or Howard’s End and immediately regretted my attire – maybe my Panama hat would have been more appropriate.  However, as we turned down a sweeping driveway and came to a halt in front of an attractive and atmospheric period house, all thoughts of my clothing faded away as I looked up at the impressive and seemingly endless façade. 

an edwardian detached house for sale near Malpas

Once on solid ground I trotted over to the front door, leaving dad in my wake and stepped over the threshold into an entrance hall which in turn led to a beautiful hallway simply crammed with period features.  I hardly knew where to look – from the ornamental part-stained glassed windows and door, to the stone fireplace, part wood panelled walls and original wooden staircase, it was simply magical and I did indeed feel like I had been transported into a scene in a period drama.

hallway with period wooden staircase and panelled walls in house for sale with Rickitt Partnership estate agency

Aiming to attain an air of elegance and decorum suited to my surroundings, I carefully navigated the block flooring of the hallway and took a door to my left.  I found myself in a study and there I spied another period fireplace as well as French doors out into the garden – oh how very Edwardian – I could picture the scene – me working on my latest novel – a whosdunit set in 1907, the doors flung open on a summer’s day and a gentle breeze rustling the papers….

the study with full length french doors in a house for sale with Chester estate agent Rickitt Partnership

Before I had fully explored the plotline of my bestseller I drifted back into the hallway and took another door which led me into a beautiful drawing room.  It abounded with all the elegance one would expect from the Edwardian era – an ornate fire befitting of any formal drawing room but for me a spectacular mullion bay window stole the show.  My next stop was an equally elegant dining room which boasted yet another mullion bay window – The Clock House really was proving to be a very special property indeed. 

the drawing room in a house for sale in Malpas

the dining room in a period detached house for sale in Malpas

Continuing my explorations of this vast home, I found myself in the kitchen – I admired the contemporary and rather sleek looking Mark Wilkinson units (I know this because dad told me!) whilst gravitating towards the striking dark blue Aga (always one of my favourite things, especially in winter) which posed a charming contrast against the sleek white cabinets.  As I wandered around, rather hopefully looking for any fallen morsels of food I mused how perfectly the traditional and the contemporary had been melded together.  At the back of the kitchen I took a door which led me into a boot room – but this was no run of the mill boot room, oh no, it was fitted with units which matched the kitchen and oh how stylish it was – I would be far too embarrassed to take off my muddy pug boots in that beautiful room (when my boots get muddy, they really get muddy – it is not uncommon for me to empty out fetid pond water, a collection of leaves and even the occasional frog or two!)

mark wilkinson kitchen in a house for sale in Malpas

mark wilkinson boot room in a house for sale in Malpas

Beyond the boot room I found a delightful family room.  This welcoming comfortable room comes with an added extra – the original cast iron cooking rage – wow – I wonder if it still works?  As I wandered over to cast my expert paw over the knobs and twizzles (yes those are the technical terms!) dad reminded me that The Clock House was a rather large property so we should keep moving.  I gave him my sternest “side-eye”, perfected over many years, but then I relented and trotted amiably back into the hallway and up that impressive staircase.

The first floor really gave me a sense of the size of this lovely home, it was vast!  I know my legs are only short but the corridors seemed to go on for miles – to me they seemed to be just made for indoor skittles – on a cold winter’s day who needs to venture out to a bowling alley when you can improvise in your very own home! Scooting in and out of doors like a pug possessed I found no less than seven bedrooms, two bathrooms and a dressing room – wow!  The bedrooms were bathed in beautiful Spring sunshine which just so happened to set off the tasteful décor to perfection.  I was especially enamoured with the master bedroom – with a gorgeous bay window and period fireplace, it was a sight to behold.

master bedroom with bay window in an Edwardian detached hoyuse for sale with Rickitt Partnership estate agency

Despite feeling like the master bedroom would be the perfect place to curl up for forty winks, I was keen to explore outside – I had spotted a number of outbuildings on our drive up to the house and I was curious to find out what they were.  My first stop was the carriage house which looked absolutely steeped in history, indeed dad informed me that it is believed to date back to the 1750s.  As I creaked my neck to gaze up at it I gasped in admiration at the splendid clock which sat astride it.  Being quite an oracle of knowledge today, dad announced that it was made by JB Joyce – one of the world’s most renowned clockmakers.  Arh, the penny dropped – that would be where the property got its name from!  Feeling rather pleased with my powers of deduction I set off with a determined spring in my step to explore the inside of this historic building. 

outbuilding with clock tower at a house for sale in Malpas

On the ground floor I found two old loose boxes, a single garage and a double garage.  Climbing the steps to the first floor was like I had just travelled through a time machine from the old to the new – I found two contemporary and fully working offices – so one could run an office based business from there. 

an office at a property for sale in Malpas

But, you guessed it, dad piped up again – the carriage house also has planning permission for conversion into a four bedroom property.  Wowzers – so many options – a home for extended family, or a rental cottage or an opportunity to sell as a separate home….

With my head spinning from all the possibilities I made my way back outside to where I had spotted a walled garden (one of my favourite things in the whole world!). Before I could let my imagination cut adrift with thoughts of fragrant climbing roses and honeysuckle, I caught sight of another building just by the walled garden and before I knew it I found myself inside gazing down at my own reflection.  What? I hear you cry, you were standing on a mirrored floor?  No, my friend, I was gazing down into the waters of a bona fide indoor, heated swimming pool! 

indoor heated swimming pool at a house for sale in Malpas

Well it would be rude not to wouldn’t it?!  Before dad could stop me I gave a squeal of joy, launched all four feet into the air and landed with an ignominious belly flop in the pool – oh it was glorious!  After a few laps, I scrabbled out, shook myself thoroughly and darted through the door before dad could catch me.  I set off at quite a gallop with a rather red-faced dad in hot pursuit.  As I darted here and there I discovered formal gardens, manicured grounds, woods, a lake and a paddock.  As my gallop slowed to a trot and eventually a walk, I turned to see dad equally out of breath but he managed to mutter that we had just circumnavigated about 5 acres.  Phew I thought to myself, I wish I had worn my fit-pug this morning, I would have clocked up some steps today!

Once we had recovered from our burst of unscheduled exercise, dad and I made our way back to the car.  I climbed aboard and looked back at The Clock House, admiring its character, history and its space, and that’s not to mention the opportunities it will present for its future owner. The Clock House is a very special and unique property – if you would like to explore it for yourself, please do not hesitate to contact myself or one of my team on 01244 322322 or

Until next time

Love Ralph X 

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