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Ralph Reviews

Ralph reviews a detached period house in Mickle Trafford

I don’t know about you but I am rather partial to a good murder mystery TV series. Recently I have been binge-watching “Grantchester” – I rather fancy myself as the intelligent sidekick to a sleuthing vicar. Sniffing out clues with my impeccably fine-tuned nose and applying my inquisitive nature to solving crimes would be a worthy use of my talents. So you can imagine my delight when I was told that the subject of this week’s Ralph’s Review was an Edwardian house which had formerly been used as a Rectory – this was just the type of house that I pictured myself and my crime-solving vicar living in….

Ralph reviews a Detached period house in mickle trafford

After watching three episodes of my favourite crime series back-to-back (for research purposes only you understand), dad started grumbling that I would end up with square eyes.  I wasn’t really sure what he meant but nonetheless sensed an opportunity and so, ever so casually, I suggested that there was no time like the present to visit Plemstall Old Rectory.  Dad seemed to think this was a splendid idea and. like matching bookends, we sauntered out to the car and set off to Mickle Trafford.

I settled down for a quick power nap on the back seat and awoke to the sound of the tyres crunching over a gravel drive.  I was instantly alert (like the professional investigator that I am) and peering out of the window I saw that Plemstall Old Rectory was exactly what I imagined, a charming Edwardian property which looked like it would have period features in droves – just the place for a sleuthing rector to live.

Ralph reviews a Detached period house in mickle trafford front view

Hopping down from the car I took a good look around, noting what looked to be an attached double length garage and a large attractive garden – what clues would I be able to unearth there whilst digging around?  All in good time Ralph-boy, I told myself, my first stop was the house itself and I was keen to get started.  Marching over to the front door it led me into an entrance porch with a beautiful minton tiled floor which flowed seamlessly into the entrance hall – oh how very Grantchester! I also noted with delight that the ornate wooden staircase to the upper storey is also very much of the period – my visit to Plemstall old Rectory was starting to feel like fate…. I popped my head through two doors to my left, beyond the first I found a cloakroom whilst the second opened up into a charming study complete with a period style fireplace.  Next I discovered an equally appealing family room – I was particularly enamoured with the large bay window which allowed sunlight to flood in.  Next to the study I found a snug – the perfect place to hunker down and watch my remaining “whodunit” boxsets.

Ralph reviews a Detached period house in mickle trafford hall view

Ralph reviews a Detached period house in mickle trafford family room

My nose was telling me to continue on my quest, and before I knew it I found myself in a bright and appealing kitchen cum breakfast room and, what’s more, I was just in time to squaffle a bacon sandwich – always trust a pug and his nose…! With my tummy deliciously full I paused to take in the details of this lovely kitchen – a pitched ceiling, light contemporary units and French doors leading out to the garden made it a very attractive room indeed. Beyond the kitchen I found a handy utility room, a dining room and a sauna room – I hadn’t heard of one of those before, dad explained that they are boxes of heat that humans sit in in order to sweat.  “What a strange species they are” I thought to myself with a perplexed shake of my head!  Heading back to the kitchen I cast a hopeful look around, just in case another bacon butty was on offer, sadly none were and so I took myself back to the entrance hall empty-pawed.

Ralph reviews a Detached period house in mickle trafford kitchen view

My disappointment was soon forgotten when I stepped over the threshold of the drawing room – oh my word, what a beautiful room, with two bay windows and French doors out onto the terrace, it was a bright and vibrant as well as elegant room.  I was especially drawn to the window seat nestled into one of the bay windows, so perfect it was almost as if it was made for a certain little pug – a place to rest my (rather short) legs, watch the wildlife world go by and be inspired to solve the crime of the day – such as who took the last bacon sandwich….?

Ralph reviews a Detached period house in mickle trafford family room view

Whilst I could easily have settled down to while away the hours in such a stunning room, I roused myself and headed back to the entrance hall where I trotted energetically up the stairs to the first floor, keen to see what delights Plemstall Old Rectory still had in store.  I found myself on a spacious landing which led off to no less than five good-sized bedrooms (one with an en suite) and a family bathroom.  Making my way through the bedrooms I was thrilled to see that a wealth of period features were still retained in these rooms – four of the five enjoy ornate wrought iron fireplaces which are very much in keeping with the style of the house, whilst sloped ceilings and period style windows all add to the welcoming feel of the bedrooms.  So cosy and beguiling were they in fact that my resolve waivered and I did settle down in a little swathe of sunlight for forty winks.  To my intense frustration I awoke from my dreams just before I revealed “whodunnit” in the crime of the missing bonio – now even I will never know….

Ralph reviews a Detached period house in mickle trafford master bedroom

Grumbling to myself about missing dog treats and likely culprits (the cat, it’s always the cat!…) I headed back downstairs and outside to the garden to cheer myself up with a spot of unbridled running and tumbling.  Luckily the garden I had seen on my way in had ample ground to run to my heart’s content and so off I went as fast as my legs would carry me around and around the charming lawned garden.

Ralph reviews a Detached period house in mickle trafford back garden

When I finally came to a halt panting with exertion, I sat down on the grass to catch my breath and cast a good long look at Plemstall Old Rectory.  What a thoroughly attractive home it is – not only would it be the perfect base for a crime-solving vicar and his trusty canine companion but it would also be the perfect family home, one in which I have no doubt, many happy memories would be made.

If you like the sound of Plemstall Old Rectory and you would like to arrange a viewing please do not hesitate to contact myself or one of my team on or 01244 322322.


Until next time

Love Ralph X

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