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Ralph Reviews

Ralph reviews a farmhouse style house for sale in Cheshire

Ralph here, I hope you are well!  I am as super excited as a pug can be (and that is pretty excited!) to be able to bring you the first of Ralph’s Review of the Week.

As you all know, I love meeting people and visiting new places (especially if there are doggy treats to be snuffled out and new people to cuddle) and so, in the team meeting, I proposed the idea that I head out into our beautiful county of Cheshire to meet and greet some of our lovely vendors and review some of the properties we have for sale.  I have to say I was a little taken aback by the speed and enthusiasm with which Tim agreed saying it would “stop you snoring under my desk”.  How misunderstood I am, whilst I may appear to be fast asleep without a care in the world, I am actually hard at work – that warm space under Tim’s desk, just by his feet is my “Blue Sky thinking area” where all my best creative work is done…

Lower Hall in Clutton 

Anyway, with the approval of my human colleagues, I donned my harness and headed off on my first property adventure – this week to the beautiful village of Clutton to explore all that fabulous Lower Hall has to offer.   What a treat it was, the first thing that struck me was that it is such a lovely, spacious family home – perfect for any dog and with plenty of room to accommodate your humans too.  First stop was the lovely, farmhouse style kitchen with Aga, oh yes, I spotted that straight away – I could picture the scene – bed by the Aga, fast asleep, paws twitching, dreaming of chasing rabbits. 

I reluctantly dragged myself out of the kitchen and was immediately enchanted by a cosy, good sized drawing room with a log burning stove, really well-presented (estate agent talk), it is a lovely size and shape with a very homely feel – perfect for snoozing on lazy Sunday afternoons after a good walk. 

Across the hall the dining room is full of character features including the original oak floor and cast-iron fireplace.  It is the perfect space to entertain and I could picture my best friends, Frankie the Frenchie and Larry the Labrador reclining in front of the fire after a feast of roast chicken and a desert of Bonios.  It does seem that this house was made for dogs – a lovely source of snuggly warmth in every room so far, I couldn’t have designed it any better myself!

I headed up the stairs to the first and second floors which I have to say was a fair way for a pug, well, I only have little legs and so I did have to have a brief rest on each floor.  Luckily all five bedrooms are a great size and so there was plenty of space for me to catch my breath. 

There are so many period features sympathetically restored throughout this house, but what really fired my imagination was the name you can see engraved into the plaster in one of the bedrooms on the second floor – with a date from the 1920s, absolutely fascinating.  Having seen all the bedrooms, a couple of which have en-suite facilities and the box room which would be a fantastic space to keep all your balls, frizbys and squeaky toys, I headed back down the stairs (it was a little easier going down them) and out into the garden – such a wonderful space with stunning views across Cheshire and to the hills of North Wales. 


For a moment I did wistfully wish that I had been born a Springer Spaniel, never wanting to sit still and always ready to head off with my human into that countryside for hours at a time.  But on reflection I decided that the garden at Lower Hall would do just fine – there is plenty enough room to play fetch and snuffle around in the flower beds looking for discarded dog treats and then it would be so tempting to wander back inside to the Aga for a snooze – yes, upon reflection a Pug’s life is not all that bad at all!
Until next time my furry friends and remember you are welcome anytime at our office on Bridge Street, just pop in to say hello and I’ll treat you to a bowl of water and a Wainwright’s dog biscuit… X

Ralph Reviews

Ralph reviews a three storey townhouse in the heart of Chester

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