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Ralph Reviews

Ralph reviews a Georgian townhouse within the city walls

I don’t know about you but I have been getting myself Wimbledon ready.  With the competition having started yesterday, it gave me little enough time to perfect my back-paw and my volley.  As a result I have been spending most of my spare time recently in the garden practicing my shots.  My ever-obliging mum has been hurling so many tennis balls for me she is now complaining of tennis elbow – oops!

Anyway, in between my athletic efforts, dad and I took some time out for a stroll around Chester and whilst we were on our travels we popped in on a particularly charming property so that I could offer it up as my latest Ralph’s Review.  Those who know me well know that I rather fancy myself as a bit of a pug about town so I always love exploring an abode within our county’s capital city.  But add into the mix a dash of period charm and the anticipation really starts to build.  So imagine my delight when, mid walk, dad announced that we would be calling in on a Grade II listed Georgian townhouse.

As we turned onto Whitefriars, it was with a joyous hop, skip and a leapt that I came to a halt outside the elegant (and super shiny) front door of No. 5. 

a Georgian townhouse for sale in Chester

Once over the threshold I found myself in an entrance porch which led into one of the most welcoming sitting rooms I have ever had the pleasure of stepping paw in.  With a beautiful period sash window, coving around the ceiling and an exposed wooden floor, it was a room that exuded appeal.  As I wandered around, sniffing this feature and giving an appreciative lick to that, I was greeted by a very friendly chap called William.  William informed me that he is a bulldog, to which I politely replied that he doesn’t look like a bull at all and that he seems a terribly nice chap.  He nodded his thanks and a tiny bit of slobber landed on the floor in front of him.  We both ignored this rather personal of introductions and Winston proceeded to lead the way around the rest of his home. 

sitting room in a Georgian townhouse for sale with Rickitt Partnership estate agents

a bulldog lying on a dog bed

Our first stop was the kitchen, which is a lovely bright room which William and I agreed would be a great room for someone to really make their mark on the property.  The back door was open and tantalising smells drew us out into the courtyard garden.  A cacophony of sights, sounds and smells held our ardent attention whilst we had a thoroughly satisfying inspection of all the nooks and crannies in the compact but perfectly exciting space. 

the kitchen at a period house for sale in Chester

the courtyard garden at a house for sale in Chester

As we made our way back into the house William, with a smile on his mournful but terribly appealing face, led me over to a set of stairs but rather than heading upwards as I expected, we made our way down into a very atmospheric cellar.  Ooh, I enthused to William, wouldn’t this be the perfect place for a home cinema or a games room or a gym? 

The cellar in a house for sale in Chester

William frowned at the last suggestion and we settled on home cinema as the perfect choice.  With thoughts of all the Beethoven movies we could watch there (William felt a sort of slobbery kinship with a Saint Bernard) we ambled our way back up the stairs, went back into the sitting room, found another staircase, and this time we made our way up, to the first floor of No 5 Whitefriars.  William had a little rest on the landing whilst I explored but I have to say I was thrilled to find not one, not two but three bedrooms and a shower room.  The third bedroom could also work really well as a home study.  Wow, I wasn’t expecting versatility as well as period charm!

bedroom in a Georgian townhouse for sale in Chester

Back downstairs, William and I bid each other a fond farewell and dad and I left to amble our way back through Chester.  As we did so I was deep in thought about No.5 Whitefriars, its clear charms, the possibility for someone to put their own mark on it and the rather surprising options it offered.  If this lovely period property has charmed you as much as it did me, please do not hesitate to contact myself or one of my team on 01244 322322 or to arrange a viewing.

Until next time

Love Ralph X


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