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Ralph reviews a modern detached family home with several outbuildings near Whitchurch

Bonfire Night is now behind us and as I am not a fan of loud noises, I have to say that I am largely relieved.  That being said I did quite enjoy watching all the pretty colours in the sky from the safety of my bedroom window and I had great fun bobbing for apples – I am not sure they were meant for me but I kept chasing them round and round that bucket of water, and I almost captured one or two!

So the new working week has dawned and I am fully embracing autumn – the exquisite colours of the fallen leaves  which create an enticing carpet to snuffle through and search for buried treasure hidden beneath the surface. This star of this week’s stash was an oversized conker – oh how my tail wagged with pride as I jubilantly carried it home to show to mum!  In between my walks, reclining by the log burner and snuggling on the sofa I managed to find some time to go to work and the highlight of my working week was my trip to Whixall near Whitchurch to review a lovely detached family home which offers an array of interesting business opportunities to boot.

Wrapped up in my scarf and best waterproof macintosh (well you just never know what the weather is going to throw at you these days), I hopped up on to the back seat of the car and settled back to enjoy the journey through rural Cheshire towards Whitchurch.  As we arrived in Whixall we turned down a long drive which dad explained offered shared access to Holly Farm and another property.  At the end of the drive we came to a halt outside a modern detached house which looked well cared for and eminently welcoming. 

a detached house with outbuildings for sale near Whitchurch

As I stepped down from the car I saw that there was a huge gravelled area which would house more cars than I’ve had hot dinners (well not quite THAT many!) and before I turned my attention to the house I saw that there were a plethora (this is a new word I have learnt this week) of outbuildings to explore and I started to realise why dad was so excited about this property as a potential business opportunity for its new owner.

Before allowing my brain to explore those countless avenues of opportunity, I turned my attention to the house and, with a determined step, made my way over to the entrance porch which led into an open and spacious dining room – the perfect place for family dinners and get togethers with friends.  Following the irresistible aroma of roast chicken I found my way into the kitchen which is located just beyond the dining room.  There I was rewarded with my very own plateful of chicken – oh, simply divine!  Once I had gobbled it down without so much as taking a breath to slow myself down, I paused to savour the taste and took the opportunity to look around.  I was delighted to find myself in a thoroughly modern, light and bright kitchen which looked like it would serve a busy family just perfectly. 


With a rather more rotund belly than when I entered the kitchen, I made my way through a door towards the back of the room and found myself in a rear porch which in turn led to a home gym (handy for working off all those chicken-induced extra calories!), a study and an en suite shower room – thinking laterally I mused that this area of the house could easily be used as a “granny annexe” with a private sitting room, bedroom and en suite all on the ground floor – how very handy. 

Heading back into the dining room and before I took the stairs up to the first floor, I spied a door just off to the right and stepping through it I found myself in a very spacious sitting room with a contemporary multifuel burner as the focal point – how perfect for the long autumn and winter evenings ahead of us.  I also spied a set of double patio doors which opened out to the garden, demonstrating that this lovely room would be equally perfect come winter or summer.

Upstairs I found no less than four bedrooms and a good-sized family bathroom. 

After taking the opportunity for a cheeky forty winks in a rare little patch of sunlight (well, a pug has got to take his chances where he finds them!) I headed back downstairs and out the front door to explore the outside space.  To be honest, I was glad I had taken the time to recharge my batteries as there was so much to see and explore.  Firstly, I made my way round to the garden which is situated at the back of the house.  Mainly laid to lawn, with a handy paved area for al fresco dining and general lounging in the sun, I walked the circumference and can confirm that it is the perfect size for a spot of frisbee throwing.  My next stop was the two paddocks which are behind and to the side of the house – dad informed me that the property sits within around three acres – a jog round the property would be more akin to a marathon to me with my rather diminutive stature!

Now to the really interesting bit, the outbuildings.  Just wait until you hear this – there are three former piggeries, three large outbuildings, two large open barns and a tractor shed that come with this amazing property.  Just imagine the possibilities –  for anyone who has a manufacturing type business Holly Farm could be just what they are looking for – space to set up machines for manufacturing plus storage space – my mind started filling with ideas for making bespoke kennels or puppy-proof fencing…  Then of course it would also be the perfect property for a farming contractor – lots of space to store their valuable machines whilst of course those piggeries could be converted into boarding kennels – now my mind started racing with ideas of deluxe doggy daycare with dedicated play areas, agility areas, relaxation areas – we could be the talk of the county with all the different facilities that could be offered under one roof…


With my head spinning with ideas and my woofs tumbling over themselves in my haste to articulate them to dad, I took a moment to step back and absorb all that Holly Farm has to offer.  Truly this is an exceptional property that offers so many opportunities to run a vast array of businesses from the premises that it really could be someone’s chance to relocate and streamline their home and business life all “under one roof”, or it could give someone the opportunity to follow their dreams, take that leap of faith and start that business that they have always wanted to.

So if Holly Farm has piqued your interest, please do not hesitate to contact myself or one of my team on 01244 322322 or to arrange a viewing.

Until next time

Love Ralph X

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