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Ralph Reviews

Ralph reviews a modern detached family house near Carden Park

It’s coming home, its coming home, its coming, football’s coming home! I don’t know about you but I am still on a high from the Lionesses spectacular win in the Euros final a couple of weeks ago not to mention our achievements at the Commonwealth Games.

ralph reviews a detached house near carden park front view

It has been a wonderful summer of sport but definitely the highlight for me was the Euros.  The final was a proper edge of your seat match and I am still rather hoarse from barking my support throughout.  The whole tournament fully motivated me to get back out in the garden to practice my football.  I have started a training regime of dribbling the ball around obstacles – a few plant pots, the lawnmower and the wheelbarrow offer suitable challenges to my ball control.  However, I have to say my favourite part of each session is when dad comes out and kicks the ball with abandon right across the garden. I give chase as fast as my little legs will carry me, ears flapping in joyous abandon.

In between my training sessions and my daydreams of competing as part of the England Canine National football team (yes there should be one!), I took time out earlier this week to visit a lovely modern detached family house situated near Carden Park.  Still proudly sporting my England strip (I haven’t taken it off for the last two weeks), I hopped into the car with dad and set off on our next adventure.  We arrived in an exclusive development of houses and dad pulled into the driveway of one of them. 

ralph reviews a detached house near carden park family room

I stepped down onto a stone chipped drive and spied a very stylish detached double garage as well as the spacious off road parking on the drive itself.  Having a very good feeling about Connaught House, I trotted over to the front door.  No sooner had I put my paw out to knock, than the door was opened and I stepped into a very attractive hallway.  My eye was taken by the central staircase up to the first floor which was quite a feature.  It was immediately evident that Connaught House has been finished to exceptionally high standards.

ralph reviews a detached house near carden park family room second view

A door to my right led me into a charming and elegant drawing room. Boasting several windows, it was a light and bright room.  It was, I thought to myself, a room for every season as it also features a beautiful log burning stove nestled in the fireplace, perfect for those dark winter’s nights.  Yes, I know they seem so far away right now but they will be upon us before we know it.   Looking around admiringly and taking in every detail, I nodded in satisfaction, this was just the type of room that I could imagine myself unwinding in after a hard day at the office – a tumbler of milk in my paw, reclining in my favourite dog bed and letting the cares of the day melt away…

ralph reviews a detached house near carden park staircase

I left the drawing room with a contented smile on my face and continued my explorations of Connaught House.  My next stop was the sitting room. 

ralph reviews a detached house near carden park kitchen

With a more relaxed feel this would be the perfect space to unwind watching my new favourite sport – the footie – just wait until the canine football league (that I intend to set up) is televised – wow, that will be exciting! Practicing a little imaginary back-heel kick on my way out, I noted to self that once I was back at the office, I must get Gareth Southgate on the phone and set the wheels in motion for my new canine football league….

Back in the hallway I popped my head through the door of a very handy cloakroom before making my way through to a rather show-stopping open plan kitchen, dining and living room.  This area is so beautifully styled in contemporary light colours that I immediately felt completely at home.  I pottered round the kitchen, sniffing each cream coloured unit intensely, looking to seek out a box of bonios as I was feeling rather peckish– sadly none were detected.  Well, I thought to myself wryly, in a house that seemed almost too good to be true, a box of bonios left just for me possibly is a wish too far!  Giving a little chuckle I trotted merrily across the room to explore the dining and living areas.  These were just as tastefully styled as the kitchen and I was also delighted to discover a set of bifolding doors leading out to the garden.  Tucked discreetly out of sight I also found a very handy utility room.

ralph reviews a detached house near carden park kitchen view

ralph reviews a detached house near carden park family room

ralph reviews a detached house near carden park master bedroom

Feeling perfectly satisfied that there was simply nothing lacking in the ground floor accommodation at Connaught House, I set off with enthusiasm up the stairs to the first floor.  I was not to be disappointed there either as I found four gorgeous bedrooms, one with an en suite bathroom and two with en suite shower rooms, as well as a family bathroom.  Wow, now this exceeded expectations – what a perfect set up for a family with a couple of teenage pups – no more arguing over who uses the bathroom!  I also fell in love with the rooms upstairs – sloping ceilings, country style windows and light bedrooms gave an almost cottage feel to the rooms – simply charming.

ralph reviews a detached house near carden park bathroom

It was with great reluctance that I headed back downstairs and prepared to leave this lovely family home.  Only one thing remained and that was to inspect the garden.  I found a good sized garden which boasts an attractive terrace but is mainly lawned and yes, you guessed it, I did persuade dad to embark on a brief game of human v dog football – no need to ask who won, four legs are better than two…. 

ralph reviews a detached house near carden park Garden view

As I climbed back into the car and we set off back to the office, I cast a final glance behind me whilst thinking what a thoroughly appealing, not to mention perfect, family home Connaught House is.  If you agree and would like to book a viewing of this beautiful house please do not hesitate to contact myself or one of my team on 01244 322322 or

Until next time

Ralph X

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