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Ralph reviews a modern detached house in Bettisfield near Whitchurch

Hasn’t this week been a mixed bag?  One minute, glorious sunshine, the next, brisk winds and a smattering of hail!  Dad says it is typical March weather and the rumour at doggie daycare is that the clocks change to British summertime this weekend – yippee!  I certainly feel like I have a new lease of life and a definite spring in my step.  My joie de vivre was heightened further still when I visited Bettisfield near Whitchurch to cast my eye over a stunning detached family house for my latest Ralph’s Review.

After a deliciously invigorating walk, dad and I hopped into the car set off on our journey. As we approached Bettisfield, I was transfixed by the beautiful scenery, gazing out the window I saw a truly idyllic rural landscape.  Dad explained that the property we were to see, The Hollies, would be the perfect home for nature lovers as it backs directly on to Bettisfield Mosses. I cocked an enquiring ear in his direction, and he went on to explain that the Mosses are part of the Marches Mosses which cover over 2,500 acres in North-West Shropshire and North Wales and are a designated site of special scientific interest.  Oh wow, I thought, picturing summer days heading off into the Mosses armed with my portable microscope, binoculars and notepad to take note of all the interesting specimens I might find along the way.

We then turned into a driveway and my mind slid sharply back into focus as I gazed up at a magnificent modern, detached house which oozed elegance as well as a subtle touch of grandeur. 

a modern detached family house for sale near Bettisfield

Barely had the car stopped before I opened the door and leapt out.  I was standing on a beautiful block brick driveway which stretched behind me back to the road.  In front of me it led to a front door which, with a balcony above it, looked rather majestic – I could picture myself up there perfecting my regal wave as I welcomed guests to the house!  With a little chuckle I stepped over the threshold of The Hollies and found myself in an entrance hall.  There were several doors off it and a central staircase that led to the first floor. 

the hallway with central staircase at a detached house for sale in Bettisfield

I chose to take the doors on the right and my first find was a lovely dining room.  The room felt spacious and airy, benefitting as it did from a sleek tiled floor (which gave a bit of a Mediterranean feel) and no less than three large windows.  My next stop was a beautiful study complete with fitted wooden cupboard units – I looked at them with satisfaction – that would definitely please my dad and his need to have a place for everything and everything in its place!

the dining room in a family house for sale in Bettisfield

fitted study in a house for sale with Rickitt Partnership estate agency

As I turned back towards the door, I smelt a tantalising aroma of sizzling bacon.  Needing no further encouragement, I turned tail and set off in search of the kitchen.  My nose led me directly to a kitchen island where I spied a plate of bacon butties, organising my face into its most adorable, pleading look I was rewarded with not one but two slices of bacon before I licked my lips with a sigh of satisfaction and gazed around a space that was contemporary, light and simply the perfect space for family living.  Not only was the kitchen area styled with gorgeous contemporary shaker style units but, the island unit was something rather special.  Dad said he would lift me up to inspect the top of the island on the strict condition that I was allowed to sniff but not touch.  I clambered into his arms rather huffily but soon forgot my strop when I saw the beautiful maple work surface.  It looked like a work of art and I could imagine mum wouldn’t even want to chop carrots on it, never mind allow me to crumble a bonio up there!

open plan shaker style kitchen in a house for sale in Bettisfield

Once back on terra firma I made my way through to the open plan dining and living area.

open plan kicthen living and dining space in a house for sale in Bettisfield

With multiple windows, a skylight and no less than three sets of double French doors, it was an area that was filled with light – the kind of room to lift your spirits even on a Monday morning! I also particularly loved the tiled floor – with a bit of polish that would be a great space to play throw the ball and run, run, run, skid to get it! Grinning at the thought, and half tempted to give it a go, I made my way back into the hallway after popping into a rear hallway where I found a handy cloakroom and utility room.  From the hallway, a set of double doors led me into a drawing room which truly was a room befitting of that name – it was light, spacious and contemporary.  I noticed a modern log burner that was set into the wall and, when I trotted through another set of double doors into the sitting room I was delighted to discover that it was a dual facing log burner – delicious!  The sitting room was quite a special room that I felt really blurred the lines between inside and outside space  – there were no less than three double-glazed double doors which opened onto a covered seating area as well as bifolding doors which opened directly onto the garden – oh for those warm summer days – this would be the perfect room to make the most of them in, the doors thrown open to outside and a diminutive, but charming pug weaving his way from inside to out and vice versa, collecting titbits of food as his humans enjoyed a spot of al fresco dining!


Feeling a shiver of excitement at the thought of summer days, now hopefully just around the corner, I made my way back into the hallway and trotted, rather regally, up the stairs to the first floor.  I found myself on a large landing with a rather enticing selection of doors to step through.  After a few goes of “heads and tails” I selected a door and stepped over the threshold, into what can only be described as an enormous bedroom – so large I estimated that I could comfortably play a game of catch in there.  As I wandered around, my claws clattering pleasingly on the tiled floor, I found an en suite dressing room as well as an en suite bathroom.  I also discovered that a set of double French doors on one side of the room opened onto a balcony – wow, I simply couldn’t imagine a more perfect bedroom.

very large bedroomin house for sale in Bettisfield

Literally having to drag myself away from this glorious bedroom (or was it dad who had to drag me out?), I continued my journey through The Hollies and found a further three bedrooms, two of which had their own en suite shower rooms and I also found a very stylish and sleekly contemporary family bathroom.  At the back of one of the bedrooms I saw another door and stepping through it I found myself in a self-contained apartment consisting of an open plan kitchen and living area and a double bedroom with an en suite shower room. 


Wandering around I thought about all the varied uses you could put this space to – a fabulous granny annexe, a teenager’s pad or even a self-contained office – the possibilities were endless, especially since I also spotted a flight of steps which lead directly to outside, making the apartment truly self-contained if required.  Now seemed the perfect time to explore the outside space at The Hollies so down the steps I bounded and, once at the bottom, I trotted off in search of adventure!

And adventures were indeed what I found – my first stop was the formal garden which was charmingly landscaped and I was especially delighted to discover not one but two ponds within it’s boundary – I did idle away a few minutes on a little wooden jetty at one of the ponds watching for fish – I didn’t see too many but I was rather distracted by a very handsome pug gazing back at me from beneath the water – I very nearly fell in trying to touch noses but dad grabbed my harness just in time!  Next, I wandered around the very large terrace area and admired the various undercover seating areas, then down some steps I trotted and headed into the woodland area, feeling rather like an explorer as my paws crunched their way over fallen leaves and bracken.  The woods led directly to Bettisfield Mosses just as dad had promised me.  My explorations also saw me circumnavigating the paddocks that come with this amazing property  – all in all The Hollies sits in around thirteen acres – wow – quite enough space to get your ten thousand steps in per day! 

the large garden, land and woods at a house for sale near Bettisfield     



As I made my way back to the car I spied a magnificent triple garage with an attached conservatory and questioned whether there was any box that this lovely house could not tick.  Pondering that question for a moment I decided that The Hollies offered pretty much everything that a detached family house possibly could.  If you agree with me and think that The Hollies could be your perfect home please do not hesitate to contact myself or one of my team on 01244 322322 or to arrange a viewing.

Until next time

Love Ralph X

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