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Ralph Reviews

Ralph reviews a period cottage near Tarporley

Well, the clocks have changed and Autumn has well and truly arrived – the temperatures may be unseasonably mild but the leaves have turned the most glorious shades of red and amber and they are starting to tumble to the ground.

Autumn walks are amongst my most favorite, kicking my paws through leaves and acorns, they are a sensory delight, giving me snapshots of the animals, birds and insects that were their neighbours high up in the branches of the trees – oh how I wish I was more adept at climbing, I would love to scale the dizzy heights of each and every Oak tree and sycamore I pass, but alas, climbing is not amongst a pug’s talents!

Having returned from one of these early evening walks, dad happened to mention that there is a rather majestic tree in the grounds of Eaton Hill Cottage, one of the properties scheduled for me to visit for a review.  Well, that sealed the deal and the very next morning I insisted we visit the property in question. 

So off we headed to the beautiful village of Tarporley and just as we arrived at the outskirts the car slowed, we turned through a set of gates and I gazed in pleasurable surprise at the truly magnificent tree taking pride of place in a lawn to my right – oh yes, now that was worth closer inspection later, my thoughts were already running to the possibility of a tree house with a pulley system to winch me up.  Dragging my gaze away I cast my eye over the property the tree belonged to and what a charming sight it was.  A white painted period house, Eaton Hill Cottage looked full of character and every bit the worthy owner of such a wonderful tree!

Ralph reviews a period cottage near tarporley

I jumped down from the car and trotted over to the front door.  Before I had a chance to raise my paw to knock, it was opened and there stood a very friendly looking black Labrador.  I do like making new friends and so, with a wag of my tail, I introduced myself.  I found out my host’s name was Baloo and off we set together to explore the house.  The entrance hall was a cosy room which doubled as a snug, with features such as the Edwardian style cast iron fireplace, it was easy to succumb to its country cottage charm.

Period cottage front gates

Period cottage near Tarporley

Baloo led me through a door to our right and, as he flopped down onto the nearest sofa he proudly announced that this was the drawing room and he waved a paw, indicating that I should have a look around.  Having sniffed and inspected every corner I concluded that this was an equally exquisite room – comfortable and welcoming with its attractive brick fireplace and the exposed beam in the ceiling.  As I looked at him expectantly, Baloo dragged himself off the sofa – I did sympathise as it looked exceptionally comfortable and it would not have been a difficult decision to clamber up next to him for 40 winks but the show must go on and so we headed deeper into the house.

Black Labrador in period cottage

Our next stop was the dining room.  This was another room full of character and I was mesmerised by the duel sided multi burner set into the hearth.  The implications of this were huge and I looked wonderously at Baloo who nodded sagely, yes, he confirmed, this did mean he could lie by the stove and enjoy the warmth in not one, but TWO rooms.  I trotted into the kitchen where my wildest dreams were confirmed, wow, just wow!  I just about managed to drag my eyes away from the stove to look around the kitchen and was delighted to see a contemporary but decidedly country style kitchen, very much in keeping with the rest of the house.

Period cottage living space

Period cottage living space

Baloo and I trotted back into the dining room where I had spied a set of stairs heading up to the first floor.  We looked at each other and, in a flurry of flailing paws we both raced up them as fast as our legs would take us.  Unfortunately for me, my legs are short, unfortunately for Baloo I have enough energy ti convince my humans that I run on Duracell batteries (other brands are available!) so all in all it was an equal match and we both reached the landing at the same time.  The first bedroom I wandered into oozed country charm and Baloo showed me just where to lie to take maximum advantage on sunny days!  That was always very handy to know and I barked my thanks.  My next stop was a lovely family bathroom with a very luxurious looking free-standing bath – I could just picture myself floating in a sea of bubble bath in such a stylish tub! 

Period cottage bathroom


I do have to say though that the high point for me was found in the next bedroom I saw.  On the face of it this was a beautiful, serene master bedroom with an impressive row of built in wardrobes.  The room thoroughly charmed me but Baloo was sat by one of the wardrobes wagging his tail looking at me expectantly and I sensed I was missing something.  Indeed I was!  Baloo opened the wardrobe door and just like in my favourite book, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe there, at the back was a door.  I looked at Baloo in wonder before opening the door and stepping through into our own real life wonderland. 

Master bedroom

Ok so it wasn’t Narnia but I did find myself in a beautiful Jack and Jill shower room and beyond that I discovered a third cosy bedroom, a landing and another set of stairs which took us back down to the hallway.  What a truly sensational property Eaton Hill Cottage is, full of personality and charm. 

With a spring in my step I followed Baloo out into the garden with my first port of call of course being that amazing tree that had so caught my eye when we arrived.  I can confirm that it lived up to expectations and offered me a veritable cacophony of sights and smells!  I was also thrilled to find a large lawn to the side of the house where my new best friend and I spent a joyful time playing tag. 

Back garden

Back garden view

As I reluctantly said goodbye to Baloo and headed back to the car I could not help but feel a pang of envy – what a wonderful home he and his humans have, they must have been very happy here.  I have no doubt that the next family who are lucky enough to live here will be very happy too.  If you think that family could be yours please do not hesitate to contact myself or one of my team on 01244 322322 or to arrange a viewing.

Until next time

Love Ralph X

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