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Ralph Reviews

Ralph reviews a period house in Malpas

This week dawned with a dynamic and uplifting Monday morning meeting – well I say that but I have to confess that I may have drifted off to the land of nod (just for a few minutes you understand).  However, when I woke up I certainly observed that everyone else looked very animated and uplifted! Last on the agenda for the meeting was the subject of my next Ralph’s Review – I have to say that my team excelled themselves in their choice of property.  As I cast my eye over the details a little shiver of excitement rippled through my body and manifested as a rapid little wag of my tail! I cast a questioning glance in dad’s direction and he interpreted my question perfectly – yes, he answered, we can go right now if you fancy.

Indeed I did fancy so, with a bounce and a dizzying little chase of my tail, we headed out of the office and hopped into the car to make our way to the lovely village of Malpas.  As we pulled to a stand still on the village’s High Street, I gazed up at a beautiful example of late Baroque architecture epitomising the symmetry and harmony that this style is known for (are you impressed? I read that in my favourite book about dog houses through the ages!!). 

a baroque house for sale in Malpas

Before we got out of the car dad explained that this wonderful building was built in 1745 as a charity school for the poorer occupants of the village – what an interesting backstory to what, I was sure, would prove to be an equally interesting property.

Keen to start my explorations I launched myself out of the car and hurried up the path to the front door.  I burst through with a flamboyant shake of my tail, stepped through an entrance hall and found myself in an atmospheric sitting room that was steeped in character.  I made my way to the middle of the room and gazed around, the beamed ceiling and the large open fireplace enchanted me – I could easily picture myself curled up in this room on a chilly winter’s evening.  At the far side of the room I spotted a staircase leading to the first floor but for now the rest of the ground floor beckoned me onwards.

the sitting room in a period house for sale in Malpas

The sitting room led me into a wonderful drawing room full of beautiful period features – another beamed ceiling and a fabulous wrought iron fireplace with a stone surround – wow – a choice of fires to lie in front of!  

drawing room with beams and period features in  house for sale in Malpas

My next stop was the kitchen – a perfect space that blended gorgeous contemporary units with charming period features.  Following my nose through the kitchen I also found a very handy dining area – this would be a fabulous place to entertain my friends from agility class (they say I am missing the point when I run under the jumps, but I say I am wise to expend less energy and get to the treats quicker!)

kitchen in a house for sale in Malpas

dining area in a house for sale in Malpas

Suppressing the wry smile at the way my mind works, I made my way back through the Old School House and trotted up the stairs to the first floor.  There I found myself on a good-sized landing that led to two quaint bedrooms and a family bathroom. 

To my infinite surprise and delight I also spied a further set of stairs which beckoned me upwards to a second storey.  Like the intrepid explorer I am, I bounded up without a moment’s hesitation.  At the top of the stairs, I found myself in a third bedroom which utterly charmed me with its pitched ceiling and beams in the walls. 

beamed attic in period house for sale in Malpas

I also discovered an ensuite WC – very handy if you have drunk a large bowl of water before bedtime!

All these thoughts of water were making me feel quite thirsty, so I bounced down the two flights of stairs and stopped in the kitchen for a (rather noisy) slurp of water before making my way outside to explore the outside space at The Old School House.  I had admired the box hedged front gardens on either side of the path to the front door when we arrived at the property so now my focus was on the back garden.  And oh what a cute space this was with a terraced area that would be perfect for drinks on a summer’s evening.  Beyond that there was a beautiful lawn with a plethora of bushes and trees that would, no doubt, offer up a cacophony of sights and scents to keep a little pug entertained for hours!

terrace and garden at a house for sale in Malpas with Rickitt Partnership estate agency

As I reluctantly turned about tail to head back to the car, I cast a last lingering look at the magnificent façade of the Old School House and reflected on what a truly unique property it is, one that someone will be privileged to call home and add their own chapter to its long history.  If you think that person could be you, please do not hesitate to contact myself or one of my team on 01244 322322 or to arrange a viewing.

Until next time

Love Ralph X

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