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Ralph Reviews

Ralph reviews a period house with a shop in Tarporley

I don’t know about you but I feel a great sense of optimism and opportunity in the air these days. After everything that the last 18 months has thrown at us I think we all have a renewed sense of the possibilities of life. And on the homebuying front what better opportunity than to buy a home that can also be your business too? My latest Ralph’s Review took me to the quintessentially English village of Tarporley to cast my eye over a mid terrace period property which encompasses a retail premises as well as a three bedroom house.

Ralph reviews a period property with shop in tarporley

On the day of my visit to Tarporley, British summertime was back to its glorious best and it was under a cornflower blue sky that I found myself on Tarporley High street gazing up at a beautiful three storey period mid terrace property.  The ground floor boasts a doubled fronted retail premises that any self-respecting pug-preneur would be proud of. 

Ralph reviews a period property with shop in tarporley front view

Casting my experienced eye over it I could see that it offers huge possibilities for a range of businesses.  Influenced somewhat by the weather, I had visions of an ice-cream parlour.  Set up like a 1950s American diner it would be the perfect place for myself and my canine buddies to hang out – I am especially partial to Carob ice-cream in a bonio cone but I know a certain Mr Percy Pekinese who would trample his own mother for a “chicken and green pea” wafer ice-cream sandwich – each to their own, I prefer my chicken and peas warmed up in a Sunday roast!

Usually I like to explore the residential aspect of our properties first but today, full of visions of my ice cream parlour, I decided to cast my eye over the commercial premises first.  The shop really is finished to a high standard with a wooden floor and exposed brickwork making the space appear warm and inviting. 

Ralph reviews a period property with shop in tarporley

My most intriguing discovery was a trapdoor which I opened feeling rather like Captain Jack Sparrow or Indiana Jones – what would I find below? – a hidden world of booby-traps, writhing snakes or perhaps buried treasure?  Although I was ready for action like the ninja-trained pug that I am, it turned out that I simply found a cellar space perfect for storing stock – not quite as exciting as the ideas in my mind but infinitely more useful!  Along with the handy cloakroom I noted that 70 High Street offers the perfect facilities to run a highly successful business.

Never one to dawdle I headed back out the shop and down the side of the building to the entrance to the house.  I was delighted to find a perfectly formed home which would suit a single person, couple or family equally well.  On the ground floor there is a very appealing dining kitchen.  The sun was filtering in through the three windows, bathing the tiled floor in delicious warmth – just the spot for a pug power-nap.  Slightly regretfully I knew there was no time for snoozes or daydreams today so I carried on with my inspection – contemporary bright units added to the feeling of space and light in the kitchen and I simply loved the exposed brickwork fireplace (I noted that this is already fitted with a flue – just ready for my favourite thing in the whole world – a log-burning stove).

Ralph reviews a period property with shop in tarporley kitchen view

Leaving the kitchen I found myself in what can only be described as the most charming sitting room – I loved everything about it from the block wooden flooring to the exposed brick fireplace with living flame gas burner to the thoroughly attractive part glazed French doors which lead to the garden beyond.  The ground floor of 70 High Street had succeeded in completely entrancing me – I pictured friends from the business community in Tarporley dropping by for drinks and bonios on a Friday night and the festivities spilling out from the sitting room into the garden beyond – maybe some fairylights adorning the trees gently blowing in the breeze (I got that idea from watching The Great Gatsby on TV last week)…

Ralph reviews a period property with shop in tarporley living space

A set of stairs led me upwards to the first floor where I found myself on a landing which led off to a bathroom, an attractive bedroom and a room that could either be used as a bedroom or a drawing room – with its exposed wooden floor it is a lovely room that would lend itself to either use. 

Ralph reviews a period property with shop in tarporley bedroom

With a snuffle of satisfaction I headed back to the landing and trotted up them to the second floor.  Like a jewel atop a crown, there I found a characterful bedroom.  But there was more – my eye was immediately drawn to patio windows at the far side of the room – how intriguing I thought – did the architect have his plans upside down and put the patio windows at the top of the house instead of the bottom by mistake? – what a pickle if that was the case…. I pottered over to investigate and, to my delight, I discovered that the placement of the doors was not a mistake at all but instead a stroke of genius – beyond is a timber decked roof terrace.  I slid open the doors with my nose and stepped outside – what a spot – with views across the cheshire countryside Mum and I would simply love this spot for our morning coffee…

Ralph reviews a period property with shop in tarporley 2nd bedroom

Ralph reviews a period property with shop in tarporley roof

Resisting the urge to stop for a daydream in such a glorious spot, I headed back to the ground floor and outside.  With a little frisson of excitement I noted that 70 High Street is the proud owner of a private driveway with space for parking several cars – now that is worth its weight in gold.  As if that wasn’t good enough I also discovered a double garage which has a handy roof space above.  The garden itself was delightful, with an inviting lawn just beckoning to a small pug to play ball on it and with those oh so beautiful views over the farmland beyond.

Ralph reviews a period property with shop in tarporley garden view

Ralph reviews a period property with shop in tarporley garage

As I got ready to leave 70 High Street Tarporley it occurred to me that this is one of those properties that is rather like Dr Who’s tardis – deceptively unassuming but with just so very much to offer.  If you would like to see 70 High Street for yourself, please give myself or one of my team a call on 01244 322322 or email to arrange a viewing.


Until next time

Ralph X

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