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Ralph Reviews

Ralph reviews a period terrace house in Holt

This morning dawned (not exactly brightly!) but nonetheless I leapt out of bed with a speed and enthusiasm that is slightly out of character. Normally I need to be tempted from my slumber with the enticing aroma of bacon but this morning my first Ralph’s Review of 2021 was scheduled and I needed no such encouragement to start my day.

Ralph reviews a period property in holt

I hurriedly donned my favourite multicoloured harness (in honour of my bright mood) and headed to the office door keen to be on my way.  It turned out that even my enthusiasm could not match that of my chauffeur (dad) who could not wait to visit Ty Castell in Holt either.  As he explained to me in the car on the way there, he sold this house to its current owners 21 years ago and now we at Rickitt Partnership have been invited back to sell it for them all these years later!  Dad couldn’t wait to catch up on all the news from the last 21 years – phew, I thought, that will take some time, meaning that I will be able to have a really leisurely exploration of the house, and, who knows, I may even be able to indulge in a cheeky power nap in a cosy corner!

My first impression when we arrived at Ty Castell was that we were at a very distinguished house indeed.  I loved the traditional iron railings which mark the perimeter of the property, how elegant they looked.  And when I looked up at the painted façade of the house, complete with beautiful period style windows, I was filled with an irrepressible sense of excitement to discover the delights that Ty Castell looked sure to offer.

Ralph reviews a period property in holt front view

Climbing down from the car and, rather wishing that I had worn a cravat instead of such a flamboyant harness, I mustered my most dignified pose and sashayed across the drive and up the three steps to the stuccoed front door.  Once over the threshold I found myself in a welcoming and characterful dining hall complete with an open fireplace and a beamed ceiling.  On such a blustery winter’s day I was delighted to see a cheery fire roaring in the grate and already I was besotted.  Such a perfect space for get togethers with friends and family (one day this will be more than a distant dream for all of us). 

Ralph reviews a period property in holt dining room

I left dad happily chatting away about times gone by (“old” people are so dull!) and I made my way through a door to the left where I found an equally cheerful and cosy sitting room. The focal point was a magnificent brickwork fireplace with an inset log-burner.  Predictably the glowing embers enticed me like a moth to a flame and I wandered over to give my pug “warmth score” – I can confirm that a commendable 10 out of 10 was awarded!  With an incredible force of will I turned my back on the log-burner – oh what a delicious warm sensation on my bottom! and made my way through a door at the back of the room where I found myself in an inner hallway with a door in front of me and a set of stairs to my right that led tantalisingly upwards.

Ralph reviews a period property in holt sitting room

First things first, I took the door in front of me and found myself in a light, bright and characterful family room with a handy shower room off to one side – just perfect for when I am binge-watching Pooch Perfect – I can perform my own variation of the techniques on my unsuspecting doggie pals whilst in sight of the TV!  A set of glazed double doors caught my attention and I saw that beyond them was a veritable suntrap of a conservatory (well it would be if the sun had deigned to make an appearance on the day in question!) Before heading back through the house, curiosity got the better of me and I headed up the stairs that I had passed in the inner hallway.  At the top I found myself in a lovely bedroom with a wooden floor and two period style windows which were conveniently positioned low to the floor.  I trotted over and found that they were the perfect height to rest my paws on and watch the neighbourhood comings and goings. 

Ralph reviews a period property in holt bedroom

To add to the attraction of this perfect little “pug cave” I also discovered an en suite bathroom and a dressing room.  I thought it would be rude not to settle down on the bed for a quick snooze (for research purposes only you understand!).  A while later I awoke with a start at what appeared to be a clap of thunder… then I realised that I had woken myself up with my own snoring! Arh, I thought to myself with a rueful smile, not snoring – just a jolly good dream in which I was a motorbike!

With no further ado, I yawned, stretched, jumped off the bed and, suitably invigorated, I set off to explore the rest of Ty Castell. Back downstairs I made my way back to the dining hall and beyond into a hallway where I saw the main set of stairs which I presumed would lead to the rest of the first floor accommodation.  Before tackling another set of stairs I set off in search of the kitchen – humans do like cooking, and pugs do like eating so I knew there would be one somewhere! I did not have to search far as I found it just off the hallway and was delighted to see that it had a delightful country kitchen feel to it and with two period style windows it was also super bright and cheery (even on a rather grey January day). 

Ralph reviews a period property in holt kitchen

I discovered that the ground floor also boasts a games room – yippee I have always wanted to play “chase the ball on a table” and with such pretty different coloured balls… Dad explained that the table in question was a billiards table and that you hit the balls with something called a cue – I think he is confused and hasn’t got a “cue” what is going on – everyone knows that balls are for chasing!

Ralph reviews a period property in holt games room

Feeling slightly disgruntled that I was forcibly restrained from climbing onto the lovely green table, I took myself back into the hallway and bounded up the stairs to the rest of the first floor.  I soon forgot my annoyance as I wandered around the spacious landing and further three/four bedrooms, bathroom and shower room. 

Ralph reviews a period property in holt bedroom no.2

As I headed back downstairs I could not help but feel amazed at the amount of accommodation Ty Castell offers and in true period style it is full of nooks and crannies that add fabulous character to this simply gorgeous family home.  As you know, no Ralph’s Review is complete without a peruse of the grounds so before we left I headed off to inspect the garden.  I found a lovely well-tended space with enough expanse of lawn for a game of “throw”, plenty of established bushes, trees and plants to offer a sensory delight and a paved patio to sit and chill with my mum at the end of a busy day in the office – perfect!

Ralph reviews a period property in holt garden view

If Ty Castell ticks all the boxes for you please do not hesitate to give me or one of my team a call on 01244 322322 to arrange a viewing

Until next Time

Ralph X  


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