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Ralph Reviews

Ralph reviews a semi detached house in Milton Green

Well hasn’t it been glorious weather over the last week or so.  I decided to work al fresco this week and had quite the time dipping my toes in my pug paddling pool to keep cool.  Mum also insisted that I sit in the shade so that I didn’t overheat, and very pleasant it was too, catching the occasional breeze under the shade of our monkey puzzle tree whist delegating tasks to dad and the rest of the team – well, why have a human and bark yourself!

Early one morning before the heat caused the humans to wilt (they are not made of as stern stuff as us pugs), dad and I set off to Milton Green to investigate the charms of a semi-detached home situated in Milton Green.  As we pulled the car onto a very neat brick paved driveway I commented on the fact that there was ample space for a number of cars to park, quite an advantage in this day and age. 

a semi-detached house for sale in Milton Green

I hopped down from the car and trotted merrily over to the front door.  Beyond I entered the cool tranquillity of a hallway where I spotted the stairs to the first floor and a handy little understairs cloakroom – perfect to store all my cleaning paraphernalia  – I am a very neat and tidy little pug – my mum has trained me well!

I took a door to my left and was delighted to find myself in a spacious, bright and thoroughly appealing sitting room – sun filtered in from windows positioned at both ends of the room and I especially coveted the bay window which gave a fantastic vantage point from which to survey the comings and goings at the front of the house – no postman, delivery driver or pizza delivery person would get past me!!

living room with bay window in house for sale in Milton Green

My next stop was the kitchen which proved to be a good size but with everything  positioned to be conveniently close to hand (or paw).  Personally, I have to say that I am a big fan of a kitchen that is practically designed.  Otherwise my poor little legs get tired out trotting here there and everywhere for my utensils and ingredients when I am on family dinner duty.  Although to be honest I am not often entrusted with this task as mum says I do far too much taste testing along the way…

wooden kitchen units in a house for sale in Milton Green

With a wry smile on my face I headed back into the hallway and bounded up the stairs to the upper storey.  There I found two lovely cottage style bedrooms and a family bathroom. 

bedroom in a house for sale near Malpas

Without giving myself time to pause and be tempted into a cheeky morning snooze, I headed back downstairs ready to investigate the outside space.  Having already seen the brick paved area at the front I headed down a driveway at the side of the property (which dad informed me is shared with next door) and discovered a very handy single garage before making my way to the back garden.  What a neatly kept space – I admired the perfectly mowed lawn and contemplated how a few rounds of “catch” would create my trademark skid marks across the lawn – I glanced at dad and he must have read my mind because he sternly shook his head whilst emitting a firm “No!”.  Never mind, I would save that one up for when I got home, in the meantime I walked sedately over the lawn whilst admiring the beautiful views over open fields at the back of the garden.

the garden overlooking fields in a house for sale near Malpas

As I prepared to leave 3 Cambrian Villas I reflected on its many charms and versatility  – this is a property that really would be perfect for people in all sorts of circumstances – a single person, a couple or a young family would all be equally suited to life in this lovely home.  If you would like to arrange a viewing of 3 Cambrian Villas please get in touch with myself or one of my team on 01244 322322 or

Until next time

Love Ralph X

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