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Ralph Reviews

Ralph reviews a Semi detached period house in Chester

At Rickitt Partnership we are very lucky to have a wealth of period properties on our books and I am thrilled to announce another glorious addition to our portfolio – Eaton End, a beautiful semi-detached Edwardian house which is situated only a stone’s throw away from the heart of Chester’s city centre.

Ralph reviews a semi detahced period house in chester

I always like to cast my discerning eye over our latest instructions and offer potential viewers a unique insight into our properties. And so it was that, after a couple of days of much needed R and R over the weekend, I set off with a spring in my step for the short walk to Eaton End. It was a beautiful walk, full of the fragrant scents of summer and, by the time I arrived I was already in a joyful mood. First impressions of the house only served to heighten my mood as I gazed up at a stunning red brick house that promised to be everything an Edwardian house should be.

Ralph reviews a semi detahced period house in chester front view
Stepping into the entrance hall there was no doubting the provenance of this lovely home, from the wood block flooring to the elegantly high ceiling, there were an abundance of period features to admire. The first door I came across led me into a thoroughly distinguished drawing room.

Ralph reviews a semi detahced period house in chester drawing room


I am not a pug who often stands still but all I could do was pause in the middle of the room and take it all in – the wood block floor, the high ceiling and intricate coving, the pair of beautiful period style windows and the open fire with exquisite ornate surround… The Edwardian era is often referred to as “The Golden Age” and looking around myself it was certainly easy to envisage an endless round of sophisticated soirees.

My next stop was a light and spacious study with sunlight flooding in from no less than four windows – what a wonderful space to work from.

Ralph reviews a semi detahced period house in chester

I feel that all that natural light would be a wonderful stimuli for the creative juices (I am currently working on my own self-help book “How to train your human – A pug’s guide to achieving limitless walks and snacks” and I have no doubt that my work would come on in leaps and bounds in such an environment).

Feeling invigorated by thoughts of further creative opportunities – how about a podcast? “One pug and his Human” or a series of online courses “Use NLP to change your human’s attitude to snacks/games/mud on the sofa/afternoon snoozes/ impromptu swims in stagnant ponds etc…. I headed back into the hallway keen to see what else I would discover in this Edwardian treasure trove. The next door I came across led me into the dining room and what a room this was – high ceilings, coving, a period style dado rail, a stripped wooden floor and a beautiful bay window made for an atmospheric space, so atmospheric in fact that I could almost hear the clink of the crystal glasses and the accompanying toast to the first pug to ever be awarded the Baillie Gifford Prize for Non-Fiction.

Ralph reviews a semi detahced period house in chester dining room
With these aspirations of grandeur draped like an elegant cloak over my shoulders, I puffed out my chest and continued on my journey. The rest of the ground floor revealed a charming open-plan kitchen/breakfast room as well as a cloakroom and a thoroughly practical walk-in storage cupboard under the stairs.

Ralph reviews a semi detahced period house in chester kitchen view

Next, I did my very best to glide effortlessly up the stairs but, not having been blessed with the longest legs in the world, I fear my attempt was less effortless elegance and more shambolic scrambling! At the top I found myself on an expansive landing which led me into no less than four large bedrooms as well as two family bathrooms. I was delighted to find that each room boasted beautiful period style windows – one of the bedrooms with no less than four windows, standing testament to the fact that Edwardians did indeed build houses full of light and space.

Ralph reviews a semi detahced period house in chester master bedroom
It was almost time to leave Eaton End but not before I took a gentle perambulation (or walk to you and I!) around the garden. And what a garden it is – the main area is at the back of the house with a vast expanse of lawn which is just perfect for a good spot of ball throwing. I noted with appreciation that the artfully placed shrubs and trees would add a pleasing level of difficulty to the game – I could set up my very own doggie version of Ninja Warrior navigating these obstacles!

Ralph reviews a semi detahced period house in chester garden view
An abundance of thoughts filled my mind as I headed back to the office ranging from Edwardian elegance to inspired business ideas, to outdoor fun and frolics. And it struck me just what a versatile home Eaton End is, a home which could be the perfect fit for pretty much anyone from an interior design aficionado to a business-focused couple or a young family. If you think Eaton End might inspire you to fulfil your dreams, whatever they may be, please contact either myself or one of my team on 01244 322322 to arrange a viewing.

Until next time

Ralph X


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