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Georgian houses for sale in Chester

We think that houses built in the Georgian period simply cannot be matched in terms of elegance and style. We are privileged enough to have a number of Georgian properties for sale. If you too are a fan of period properties, read on to find out a little more about what to expect from a Georgian house.

Georgian Façade

Georgian houses were usually built from brick or stone and the trend was for red brick walls with contrasting white bricks surrounding windows or cornices.

A Georgian townhouse for sale with Chester estate agent Rickitt Partnership

Georgian Portico

Detached Georgian houses were often built with porticos over the entrances

A Georgian house for sale with Chester estate agency Rickitt Partnership

Georgian Terraced townhouses

These do not tend to have a porch or portico but tend to open from the front door straight on to the road. The walls between the houses tend to be thick and sturdy. Once will often find that the front doors have fan lights above them to allow light into the hallway.

A Georgian townhouse for sale with Rickitt Partnership estate agency in Chester

Georgian windows

Georgian houses can often be easily identifiable by their distinctive windows. Original windows are often small and six-paned on the upper floors whereas the lower floors tend to have larger nine or twelve paned windows. Original Georgian windows are almost exclusively sash windows which slide up and down on a series of pulleys and weights

A Georgian townhouse for sale in Chester with Rickitt Partnership estate agency in Chester

Symmetry of Georgian houses

Georgian houses often have three storeys and the trait is towards symmetry on both the outside and inside. If they are large and detached there is generally a door in the centre of the house, whilst terraced houses tend to have a door to the side

A Georgian townhouse for sale in Chester with Rickitt Partnership estate agents

The roof on a Georgian Property

The most popular style of roof on a Georgian property is tiled and hipped, which means that the roof slopes upward from all sides of the building. There are often embellished cornices with decorative mouldings known as dentilwork. There is often a low wall or parapet around the edge of the roof.

Georgian Chimneys

Chimneys are often paired and situated on both sides of the building reflecting the symmetry of the internal location of the fireplaces.

If our brief guide to all things Georgian has inspired you and you are tempted to make the move to a beautiful period home then check out some of these stunning Georgian properties we have for sale below

Clayton Court

Lower Hall

Cromwell Court

Church View

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