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Ralph reviews a modern detached house in Bettisfield near Whitchurch

Hasn’t this week been a mixed bag?  One minute, glorious sunshine, the next, brisk winds and a smattering of hail!  Dad says it is typical March weather and the rumour at doggie daycare is that the clocks change to British summertime this weekend – yippee!  I certainly feel like I have a new lease of life and a definite spring in my step.  My joie de vivre was heightened further still when I visited Bettisfield near Whitchurch to cast my eye over a stunning detached family house for my latest… Read more

2022 Housing Market

At RP January is a month during which we find ourselves retrospectively reflecting on the year that has just passed whilst simultaneously making plans for the year ahead. Our feet hardly seemed to touch... read more

A detached house for sale in Upton

Good afternoon one and all, I hope you have had a good week. If, like me, you have found it rather tiring being back at work for the first full week, why don’t you... read more

Ralph reviews a farmhouse style house for sale in Cheshire

Ralph here, I hope you are well!  I am as super excited as a pug can be (and that is pretty excited!) to be able to bring you the first of Ralph’s Review of... read more

Ralph reviews commercial and residential property in Malpas

In Cheshire we are lucky to have so many picturesque villages on our doorstep and I always consider Malpas as one of the most charming. The last few months have seen a resurgence in... read more

A Three bedroom Georgian townhouse for sale in Chester

Good afternoon one and all, it is your favorite intrepid explorer, Ralph here. In the gloriously crisp and bright sunshine earlier today, I set off from the RP office for a short jaunt across... read more

Ralph reviews a detached barn conversion in Tattenhall

The days are getting noticeably longer and the promise of Spring marches ever closer, giving me an enduring sense of optimism. It was with just such a positive frame of mind that I set... read more

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