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Ralph reviews a modern detached family home in Farndon

Good afternoon one and all. I do hope you have been keeping safe in the heatwave we experienced recently. Although I am a sun worshipper these temperatures have been too hot for me and mum says I could dehydrate and overheat very quickly so you will be pleased to know that I have been a very sensible little pug. My days have been spent inside lying on a rather fabulous “keep cool” mat that dad bought for me, enjoying copious amounts of water and the occasional (and very delicious) carob-flavoured doggy ice lolly. I have been venturing outside early in the morning and after dusk, but even then it has been unseasonably warm and so I have indulged in the odd dip into my paddling pool.

My latest Ralph’s Review was paused until the temperatures calmed down and I have to say it was a welcome relief for them to cool to a mere 20 degrees (brrr, it actually felt a bit chilly until I had acclimatised!)  Anyway, once I was on the road again, I set off to the charming village of Farndon to visit 6 Lightfoot Mews.  Upon arrival I found myself in an attractive development of modern family homes.  I clambered down from the car in front of an immaculately kept house complete with a welcoming white painted porch. 

a modern house for sale in Farndon


I walked up the path to the front door, keen to see whether the inside was as well-tended as the outside.  When the door opened I was delighted to see a chocolate Labrador waiting to greet me. 

a choclate labrador in a hallway

After the usual doggy introductions which involved much sniffing and a few little barks, we established that we could be friends and set off to explore the house together.  Would you believe it, when I asked him his name, he said it was Ralph.  Well, I thought I had misheard and politely explained that he must be mistaken as my name is Ralph.  He smiled and said that it was his name too - I have to say it was a bit of a shock to learn that I have to SHARE my name, still he was a terribly nice chap so I’ll let him off!

Our introductions took place in the entrance hall and as we did our little “friendship dance” our claws clattered on the very attractive amtico tiled floor.  Ralph (I shall call him Ralph the second or Ralph II) suggested we take a door to our left and we stepped into a spacious and contemporarily styled sitting room, Ralph II confirmed that this was an exceptionally fun room to spend family time in. 

a contemporary styled sitting room in a family house for sale in Farndon


Next he escorted me to the study – he explained that his humans partake in rather serious work in this room.  At this point, I puffed my chest out and explained rather haughtily that I do very serious and important work too and, as such, a study is a very important room for a pug as well as for a human.  Ralph II smiled and said that yes, it is a very comfy room in which to snuggle up at your human’s feet.  Hrump, the cheek of it -  I do my best thinking when my eyes are closed!

the study in a house for sale in Farndon with chester estate agent Rickitt Partnership

En route to the kitchen I popped my head into a very handily positioned cloakroom and a utility room.  The kitchen itself was an open plan kitchen dining room which seemed like a very sociable space.  Ralph II explained that it is a lovely place to gather with his friends from doggie daycare and that, on sunny days, they open the glazed doors to the garden and play indoor/outdoor fetch to their hearts content – he demonstrated with a squeaky toy bone that he pulled out from under the table.  I can confirm that he set off with great abandon (sadly I could not join in as I am still in “rehab” and believe me, it took all my willpower not to squeal with joy and enter into the frivolities).

the open plan kitchen dining room in a house for sale in Farndon

Still playing the dutiful host, Ralph II led me back into the hallway and up the stairs to the first floor.  Following my nose, I found four good-sized bedrooms, one with an en suite shower room and a lovely family bathroom. 

a bedroom in a modern house for sale in Farndon

 en suite shower room with grey tiles in a house for sale in Farndon

Muttering to myself that 6 Lightfoot Mews offers the perfect accommodation for modern family living, I asked Ralph II if he would be so kind as to show me around the garden before I had to (reluctantly) leave.  The mainly lawned garden was bathed in sunlight and Ralph II explained that it is south facing and so absolutely perfect for a spot of sunbathing as well as for family games of football and catch.  I also spied a terraced area which looked like the perfect place for a BBQ cue Ralph and his buddy Ralph II sitting in hopeful anticipation of a sausage or two! 

the garden with terraced area at a modern house for sale near Chester

Ralph II and I exchanged a mournful goodbye, promising to keep in touch, and I headed back to the car. Before I hopped in I spied a handy single garage.  This served to confirm my view that 6 Lightfoot Mews offers everything that a modern family could possibly need.  If you think this could be your perfect next home please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself or one of my team on 01244 322322 or info@rickittpartnership.co.uk to arrange a viewing.

Until next time

Love Ralph X




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